Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried: 1
Attack Speed: Fast
Attack Damage: Low-Moderate
Blocking Effectiveness: None
A semi-automatic 9 mm pistol that can be customized with attachments. Has decent range, but lower damage.

The pistol can be found in two locations. The easier location is the life raft off the beach. It can be a little tricky, since there’s a shark guarding it. Swim out to it quickly, and get in the raft, then you can either wait for the shark to leave or shoot it.

The other location is in the Residential Bunker, which requires the guest keycard. You can give your first pistol to Virginia, then pick up the second pistol at the bunker later.

For a more in-depth guide on getting the pistol, go to How to Get the Pistol.

sons of the forest pistol map for wiki v2

The pistol can be aimed down its sights by pressing button xbox lefttrigger / icon mouse right click v2, and fired by hitting button xbox righttrigger / icon mouse left click v2. The player will need 9mm Ammo in order to use the weapon, which can be found in camps, bunkers, and caves. After all the bullets have been expelled from the magazine, the player will be prompted to reload. There are several attachments that the player can get for the pistol, including:

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