Maximum Security Trophy Still Not Unlocking? “Do Another Playthrough”, Suggest Callisto Protocol Devs

The Callisto Protocol got a patch adding NG+ yesterday, which also theoretically addressed the issue with the Maximum Security Achievement and Trophy. However, many players are still unable to unlock this achievement. The developers have acknowledged the issue, although their solution is somewhat less than helpful.

the callisto protocol developers announcement on maximum security achievement and trophy

Ideally, to get the achievement you’d just load up a save near the end of the game, swap to the hardest difficulty — assuming you remembered to manually save often — and then finish the game. But it looks like that doesn’t work for some players, even if they’ve got the perfect save. As a solution, the developers are suggesting that people do a new playthrough; while The Callisto Protocol isn’t a particularly long game (most people peg total playtime at around 10 hours), it isn’t exactly a quick way to get the achievement. On the bright side, if you were going to do an NG+ playthrough, that should allow you to unlock the achievement.

It was a pretty rough launch for The Callisto Protocol, with performance issues, no New Game Plus at release, and what many players felt was a fairly lackluster take on the survival horror genre. It’s currently got a Mixed rating on Steam, with only 61% of its reviews being positive. A couple of new modes and a story DLC, all set to release sequentially later this year, might be enough to sway fans, though folks will have to pay for the privilege of checking out the new content. While most people have finished their playthroughs by now, the coming updates — assuming they’re any good — might be enough to change how the game goes down in history.

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1 year ago

How about no. It’s their fault this was bugged in the first place. I played through twice and being that there’s no dlc or side missions, there’s really no need to play it for a third. I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs even did this intentionally so people would stick with the game longer. It’s a poor attempt to keep players glued to a mediocre game that tries way too hard to recreate Dead Spaces atmosphere and even borrows heavily from its narrative