What to Do With the Decoder – The Callisto Protocol

Found your first Decoder?
You might have already heard us explain it in our guide for the Energy Converter — but, yes, you can go ahead and sell it safely.

Decoders, just like the Energy Converters and CPU Printers, bear an important-sounding name in the game: they are “Components”. However, they are not used for anything functional in the game. “Components” is just a fancy name for Callisto Protocol’s junk items.

The only thing you can really do with these is sell them for credits (at the Reforge), the in-game currency used for purchasing Health Injectors, Ammo, or any Guns you unlock with Schematics.

Or, perhaps you are looking for ways to find more Decoders for more callisto protocol credits icon Credits?

Unlike other types of junk items that are cheap and drop pretty much anywhere (Energy Converter), or are very expensive and much harder to find (CPU Printer), Decoder happens to have a little pattern that could help you — they tend to drop from Security Robots.

Have your inventory space ready for when you fight these: Health Injectors only sell for callisto protocol credits icon 100 (if you are stockpiling these), while Decoders are worth callisto protocol credits icon 500 each.

One other thing worth noting is that, just like Pristine Energy Converters, there is a Pristine version of Decoders to watch out for, and it sells for 250 more Credits:

Sell Price
callisto protocol credits icon 500
pristine decoder
callisto protocol credits icon 750

You should definitely organize your space to accommodate the Decoders once they start dropping regularly, to help you afford many of the important upgrades. Obviously, when the more valuable CPU Printers begin to drop for you, you should prioritize them instead.

However, if you have suprlus ammo or get a lot of health drops from enemies, there shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t drop those items and carry a couple more Decoders back to the Reforge instead.

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