The Callisto Protocol “The Final Transmission” DLC Now on PlayStation, with Release Trailer

The Callisto Protocol’s first piece of story DLC, “The Final Transmission” released earlier today on PlayStation systems, and will be released on PC and Xbox in two days, on the 28th, after a 48-hour exclusivity window. Two launch trailers were released at the same time for the occassion. The first was a short 40-second trailer on the Callisto Protocol’s Twitter, but the longer two-minute trailer was posted on PlayStation’s YouTube channel.

The DLC, which continues Jacob’s story after the main game as he follows Dr. Caitlyn Mahler’s instructions and ventures deeper into Black Iron Prison, is the last piece of content to come with the game’s Season Pass, which came with all deluxe editions of the game. It promises to answer many unknown questions, such as the scientific origins of the grotesque biophage, the true plan of the enigmatic Warden Duncan Cole, and — of course — the ultimate fate of Jacob Lee, who found himself awakening deep in the bowels of Black Iron after the destruction of the warden’s office.

In addition to answering questions, the DLC also brings a new melee weapon in the form of the Kinetic Hammer, which is sure to dole out significant damage to the horrors in Black Iron. Furthermore, it promises a new challenge in the form of the deadly “Biophage Robot” (or Biobot), a horrific amalgamation of flesh and metal which is sure be a deadly threat for Jacob as he makes his way through the facility. You can read more about that here, where we first covered that news.

Of course, one question remains unanswered: can the Final Transmission redeem the Callisto Protocol? Much maligned for a short, incomplete story on launch, the Final Transmission now gives Striking Distance a chance to wrap up the story they started back in December. After faltering on release, a solid DLC may save the game and its universe, if it can meet the promise to deliver a satisfying conclusion, interesting gameplay, and a fun experience. All that remains to be seen as people make their way through Black Iron once again, following Mahler’s orders. Let’s hope it turns out better this time…

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