How to Beat Captain Ferris – The Callisto Protocol Boss Guide

The game’s final challenge, the boss fight with Captain Ferris in Chapter 8: Tower serves as the climax of the Callisto Protocol. In this guide, we’ll give you some specific tips and tricks, plus a general strategy for showing the warden that you’re the “True Survivor”.

Your preparation for this fight begins before you ever walk into the boss arena. In the room just before the long hallway that surrounds the arena, there’s a Reforge station. Spend all of your credits — this is the last chance you’ll get. You’ll also need to go down the hallway and break all the loot boxes; they’ll drop more loot than you can carry, but that’s fine, we’re doing it for later. During the boss fight, this area will become accessible, and having the boxes already broken means it’ll be easier to pick up the health and ammo.

preparing for the fight captain ferris boss guide callisto protocol

This part of the fight is exactly like the fight at the end of Chapter 7 — all you have to do is dodge his attacks, then do a full melee combo in response. It’s best not to shoot him too much during this phase, since you’ll need your ammo for the next part. You only get one combo — after he staggers back, it’s time to dodge. On Maximum Security difficulty, he can attack up to 6 times in a row. Make sure he’s reset before attacking him yourself.

After doing enough damage to Ferris, a cutscene will play, and he’ll transform. He grows a shield over his face, so in order to damage him, you’ll have to first target and destroy the shield — it grows back, so make sure you’re doing as much damage as possible to his face while the shield is down.

face shield captain ferris boss guide callisto protocol
You’ll know you’re successful hitting the face shield when it glows

Start the fight by using the object in the center of the room to keep away from Ferris, running around it and getting shots off. If Ferris gets close, hold left or right instead of running away — he’ll do a melee attack, and you’ll easily dodge it. He also has a ranged attack, but as long as you’re moving horizontally relative to Ferris, it won’t hit you.

There are also explosive canisters you can GRP-throw at Ferris found throughout the hallway. Additionally, crawling biophage that explode will spawn periodically and slither towards you — these can also be GRP-thrown at Ferris to damage him.

explosive canisters captain ferris boss guide callisto protocol
You can spot the explosive canisters by their telltale red lights

Eventually, you’ll run out of ammo or need to heal. After dodging is the safest time to run away into the hallway to heal or collect resources. He’ll start by slowly walking towards you, and then after a delay, start sprinting (easily heard, his stomps are very loud). If you’re low health, grabbing Health Gel from the boxes you broke earlier is your best bet, but if you run out, there’s still hope: you can vault through one of the broken windows, hide behind a pillar, and heal before he reaches you.

Keep pumping damage into his shield and face, throw explosive canisters and exploding biophages at him, and he’ll soon go down.

We hope this guide on defeating Captain Ferris was helpful! If you have questions, suggestions, or your own tips and strategies for this fight, let us know in the comments.

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