featured image how to block callisto protocol
Game: The Callisto Protocol
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For a game centered around melee combat, The Callisto Protocol makes it somewhat difficult to know how to block incoming enemy attacks. To block, all you need to do is hold back (playstation button left stick down/ computer key s t ) when an enemy is coming at you. This will cause Jacob to raise his melee weapon in defense, cause the enemy to only cause a tiny amount of damage (or none with a Stun Baton upgrade).

how to block callisto protocol

However, you might’ve noticed that the block seems somewhat inconsistent. This is because you have to be ready to block an attack quite a while before it comes in — if you start your block right before you get hit, the hit will still land. Instead, you should start it at before an enemy starts an attack animation, in preparation. Furthermore, there are some attacks, like ranged attacks and grabs, which cannot be blocked, and must be avoided in other ways.

Now that you can effectively defend yourself, you’ve got a fighting chance to make it out of Black Iron. Good luck, inmate.

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