How to Get Credits Quickly – The Callisto Protocol

Credits are your primary method for upgrading your gear and can be used to purchase ammo and health before major fights. But they can be surprisingly elusive, at least compared to the cost required to upgrade gear to the highest tiers. Thankfully, there are a few ways to earn credits quickly, and we’ve compiled this guide to make it easy to do!

The fastest way to earn Credits in The Callisto Protocol is by selling items. There are two primary things you should be concerned with selling:

  • Useless loot. Some items, like CPU Printers or Energy Converters, don’t provide any gameplay benefit but can be sold for profit. You can identify most of these items by reading their description in your inventory; useless items will have descriptions starting with the phrase “Components that can be sold for Callisto Credits at a Reforge for a [high/lower] price…”
  • Sell extra ammo. If you aren’t using a weapon, there is no reason not to sell its ammo when you pick it up! It might seem difficult to part with your valuable ammunition, but it can often lead to upgrades that will help you outpace your enemies.
credits cpu printer
CPU Printers are worth a lot

The Dead Space stomp is back! Stomping on enemy corpses will cause nearly all of them to drop loot, including sellable components, ammunition, health, and — of course — Credits! These are randomized, meaning that you can get completely different loot from these enemies, even if you just replay a checkpoint.

tcp boot body

One of the best ways to find large quantities of hidden loot is to make sure to investigate every nook and cranny. You can often find breakable boxes, lockers, or even chests hiding in rooms off the beaten path. Just make sure that if you need to break anything, you use either your melee attack or GRP, to avoid expending ammo.

credits box

By following this advice, you’ll find yourself flush with Credits (and therefor upgrades!) in no time. They say getting out of prison is easier if you are rich, after all. With all those credits, I think you might just be in luck, inmate.

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