All DATA-BIOS and Audio Logs Guide – The Callisto Protocol

The main collectibles in The Callisto Protocol also helps you fill in what happened to Black Iron and the people in it. DATA-BIOS are audio logs scattered throughout the game, often in hidden or hard-to-reach locations. Your inventory screen contains a helpful level-by-level database to access the audio logs, and to show you how many you’ve collected out of the total. But knowing is only half the battle!

This guide exists to help you figure out where each of those DATA-BIOS actually is. It has been organized into this general guide, in order to help you broadly find each one, and into several sub-guides with more detailed solutions and helpful pictures on where to find them.

  • Jacob Lee – Jacob’s Job: As soon as you take control of Jacob, continue forward until the on-screen tutorial tells you how to open doors. Then, go to the first door on your left, around the corner, and open the locker in front of you to find Jacob’s log.

  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Mahler’s Appointment: The first DATA-BIOS is a significant way into the level. After you’ve snuck past the security robot, you’ll end up in a “Surgery M112”. Past the table and the fusebox, sitting on a piece of metal in the corner is Dr. Caitlyn Mehler’s first audio log.

  • Elias Porter – Elias’s Anticipation: Once you end up back in the wide-open panopticon section of the prison, you can continue along the hall until you end up back to Elias Porter’s cell. This will be near some stairs, shortly after going through a door labeled “Cellblock 25 P250”.

  • Cpt. Leon Ferris – Ferris’s Lament: After encountering Cpt. Leon Ferris in the guard tower at the end of the level, the DATA-BIOS is sitting on the table in the center of the room with the panopticon hologram.

3 ferris 1 data bios audio log callisto protocol

  • Sgt. Eric Jane – Locked Door: This is on the corpse of a guard near a broken robot near the beginning of the level. You will need to get this DATA-BIOS to progress through the door to Laundry B202.

  • Ofc. Pruitt Matos – Laundry: After gaining access to Laundry B202, you’ll come to a branching path at the end of the room. Go to the right, then continue through the area until you get to Office B112, where you can harvest Pruitt’s DATA-BIOS from his corpse.

  • Duncan Cole – Secret Room 1: To access this Audio Log, you’ll need to find Cole’s secret room. After going through the door opposite the laundry door you entered to find Ofc. Pruitt Matos’s DATA-BIOS, go down the ramp and continue down the hallways until you reach Workshop B415. Go through the vent on your right, then follow its path until you reach a squeezable gap. Go through it, and you can find Cole’s Audio Log at the end of the room on a desk.

  • Dr. Ewan Hayes – MedLab Outbreak: Dr. Ewan’s DATA-BIOS will be on his corpse, shortly after you reach the medical area, on the floor directly after a door you need to pry open. It is hard to miss.

3 hayes data bios audio log callisto protocol
  • Ofc. Dachs Symmons – Hanged Guard: Once you come into the room filled with hanging corpses, Ofc. Dachs Symmons’s DATA-BIOS will be on his corpse, right in front of you.

3 symmons 1 data bios audio log callisto protocol
  • Ofc. Kerry Brown: In the room you end up in after the elevator crashes, on a body next to a giant, illuminated fan, you can find Brown’s DATA-BIOS.

  • Tadhg Song: After crossing the gondola into the SHU, go up some stacked boxes near where you enter. Tadgh Song’s corpse will be at the top here, near the two fuseboxes.

  • Dani Nakamura: At the end of the level, you will find yourself trapped in Dani’s cell, where her audio log will be sitting on a table.

3 dani nakamura 1 data bios audio log callisto protocol

  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Corruptors: While you are following the red pipe, a hologram of Elias will play in front of the door to Purification B H207. The hologram will pass by a box that you can climb up in order to access the upper area, where Mahler’s Audio Log will be.

  • Ofc. Bruno Vorenum – Crosswired: After grabbing Mahler’s Audio Log, go through the vent and into the Purification room. In the opposite corner from where you enter, next to a Gate Fuse and the exit, you will find the DATA-BIOS on a body against the wall.

  • Dr. Jae Moon-Bell – Cocoons: After clearing the giant atrium and opening up a door using a fuse, you will come into Access Hall H206. Go past the door to Water Control H262 and to Storage Hall H239 by using your shiv. Continue along the path until you get a door you need to open with a nearby fuse. After going through the decontamination room, the DATA-BIOS will be in the next room, to the right.

  • Ofc. James Reese – Suicide Guard: You’ll get this as part of story progression. After entering the water purification room, you’ll need a code to begin cycling the water. The code is on the guard’s DATA-BIOS in Utility F265, the same room as where you encounter your first mutating enemy.

ofc. james reese callisto protocol data bios 1
  • Sgt. James Reese – Security: After you’ve made it to the Habitat Dome and entered Oxygen Processing, go to the room to the left of the entrance, Botanical H624. Continue to the end of this room and go into the access hall. Turn right, squeeze through a gap, and find Reese’s Audio Log.

  • Sgt. Bill Pekelo: Once you progress through Oxygen Processing facility and cleared the fog, Pekelo’s body and DATA-BIOS will be after a vent that a spider-biophage opened up, back the way you came. This is required for progression.

  • Ofc. Kyle Serra – Evacuation: Once you get to the building opposite Oxygen Processing, after turning the tram power back on, go to your left to enter Hall H631. Continue to the end of this hall to find the Audio Log sitting on a crate.

  • Miranda Kristofich – Terraforming: After you’ve traversed the snowstorm and seen the cutscene with Elias and Dani, continue through the gate in front of you. Keep going forward, past the building nearest to the gate, and enter the room on your left to find an Audio Log sitting on a shelf.

  • Richard Cids: After you’ve crossed the bridge and fought the arena filled with spider-biophage, go to a room on the right from where you entered (opposite where the trapped worker was). When you get close, a biophage will burst out of the door. In the room he was in, there will be Richard Cids’s corpse and DATA-BIOS.

  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Combustors: After you enter the tunnels to the garage, continue until you crawl under some debris. After you do, go to the room on your left, where the Audio Log will be sitting on the table.

  • Lt. Devon Wayne – Close the Gate: After getting the shotgun from Dani, Wayne’s body and DATA-BIOS will be just up the stairs, in a control room, on the opposite side from some tables.

  • Ofc. Aaron Taycho: After reaching the Power Station, Aaron Taycho’s body (with his DATA-BIOS) will be caught in the turbine in the far corner of the room. You need to take this DATA-BIOS to progress.

  • Max Barrow – Max’s Concern: After making it back to your crashed spaceship with Dani, go in the second door on your left to find Max’s last Audio Log.

  • Sgt. Scott Dvitny: In the next scene, right after squeezing through the door to the hangar, go to the back of the vehicle on your right, where Scott Dvitny’s body and DATA-BIOS will be.

  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Shipments: After going through an airlock and entering into a room filled with corpses and dead robots, you can find Mahler’s Audio Log sitting on a crate in the far corner of the room.

  • Dr. Sheehan Yune – Field Log 1: Shortly after falling into the area with the Blind, you will drop down into another room (just before the branching hallway with many Blind) where the audio log will be on a table.

pathing 1 below walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Dr. Sheehan Yune – Field Log 2: Not too long after dropping down after a reforge station, you’ll end up in another forked hallway after entering an illuminated door. Going to the left here will bring you to Dr. Sheehan Yune’s second audio log.

past cocoon below walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Dr. Sheehan Yune – Field Log 3: After making your way through the mines and while on the search for the power reactor, you will come across an area with two tunnels. Go down the one on your right (not downhill), where Yune’s final audio log will be.

power tunnels pathing below walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Yannick SageSecret Room 2: In the room just before you reach the Power Reactor, after climbing up a ladder, there will be a squeezable gap in front of you. Going through this and then following the path will lead you to a secret room, where Yannick Sage’s audio log will be at the end of the room, on a desk.

  • Arden Jeddha – Arcas Evacuation: Near the end of the level, after fighting Two-Head, Arden’s body and DATA-BIOS will be right next to a set of stairs leading up to the door which ends the level.

end of level below walkthrough callisto protocol

  • Alex Wang – Miner Log 1: Almost immediately after starting the level, Alex Wang’s corpse will be on the ground in front of you, right along the path.

log and ladder colony walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Derryn Barr – Miner Log 2: After entering the very first structures of the town, the Audio Log will be sitting on a shelf just before you reach a ladder. If you get to the point where you are climbing fallen debris, you’ve gone too far.

audio log find a way up to the light tower colony walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Derryn Barr – Miner Log 3: After climbing the ladder to “MidTown” in order to power the elevator up to HighTown, the Audio Log will be through the first door on your left (marked “Unlocked”).

  • Yannick Sage – The Mole: Right after you use the elevator to HighTown, Yannick’s corpse will be on the ground just in front of some stairs.

  • Buidhe Reddwork – HighTown: After going up the stairs marked “HighTown”, go into the room immediately to your right and you will find the DATA-BIOS in the same room where you will be ambushed by a fat biophage.

audio recording and enemy ascend the elevator to hightown colony walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Ji-Kwan Park – Miner Log 4: After you make it to the Reforge, Park’s body will be on the ground right next to it.

callisto protocol chapter 7 colony data bios ji kwan park
  • Duncan Cole – Disagreement: After the boss fight with Cpt. Ferris and two cutscenes featuring Dani, you’ll find yourself in a vehicle hangar. The audio log will be on your right.

exit the colony loot and log walkthrough callisto protocol

  • Dr. Tala Ismene – Observation: After defeating the Two-Head and opening the door with the fuse found in his arena. Go up the stairs and to the end of the hallway, ignoring the shiv door for now, to find this Audio Log.

  • Dr. Tala Ismene – Taken: After descending a ladder in the Asylum, you’ll soon go through a locked door. In this room, open a GRP-able vent just in front of the “Psyc Block 1 A140” door and climb through it. Once you drop down, turn right, and then left to go up some stairs, where you can find Ismene’s Audio Log.

into vent 1 tower walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Edward Bates – Experimentation: In the room right after the one filled with dead bodies, this Audio Log will be sitting on a box to your right.

after two head audio log tower walkthrough callisto protocol
  • Duncan Cole – Cole’s Triumph: Once you reach the large atrium with the broken glass case and dead body, the Audio Log will be on a desk to the left of the glass case.


Persons of Interest is not a level, but rather is where you can easily see the DATA-BIOS and Audio Logs of all the main characters of The Callisto Protocol.

Now that you know where all the Data-Bios are, its time to brave the horrors of Black Iron and go get them, to form a more complete picture of just what is going on… Best of luck, inmate.

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