What to Do With the Energy Converter – The Callisto Protocol

Picked up an Energy Converter?
Yes, you read the in-game description right — you can sell it safely.

Energy Converters, Decoders, and CPU Printers are so-called “Components”. Despite the important-sounding name, these are Callisto Protocol’s junk items. The only thing you can really do with these is sell them for credits (at the Reforge), the in-game currency used for purchasing Health Injectors, Ammo, or any Guns you unlock with Schematics.

Energy Converter Types

One thing to look out for are the Pristine variants of these junk items. For example, the Pristine Energy Converter. These sell for higher than the regular versions.

Sell Price
energy converter
callisto protocol credits icon 100
pristine energy converter
callisto protocol credits icon 200

Energy Converter is the most common junk item in the game, so even its Pristine version won’t sell for much, but at some point you will start finding Decoders and CPU Printers, selling for 500 and 1000 Credits, respectively. When you need to clear out the inventory, consider their value. For example, compared to them, the Health Injectors only sell for 100, if you are hoarding those.

If you need some help spending all of these Credits, here are our picks for the Best Weapon Upgrades!

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