does callisto protocol play better on mouse and keyboard or controller
Game: The Callisto Protocol
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If you have seen the early game footage for the game, you probably saw a lot of people playing The Callisto Protocol on console, or with a controller. So, you might be wondering — should I as well?

Short answer is: if you don’t have a personal preference, go with a controller.

Precision aiming in the game is not necessary and, if you start playing, you will quickly learn that the dodge mechanic (and, really, the combat itself) is clearly optimized for gamepad controls. As with any game designed this way, the menu navigation will also feel more natural if you have a controller in your hand.

playing callisto protocol with a controller

Thankfully, the difference isn’t too major. If you clearly feel more comfortable with your fingers in a WASD position, you can still easily enjoy the game in the mouse + keyboard configuration.

Have you played through the game with one or the other? What were your impressions? Which would you recommend, and do you have any tricks to recommend for optimizing the responsiveness?

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