Can You Skip Cutscenes? – The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is a narrative, single-player game. As you might expect, this means that it has a lot of cutscenes, some of which take several minutes. But what if you’ve seen one already, or just don’t feel like watching another dramatic cutscene when there are monsters to kill and tasks to complete? How do you skip cutscenes in The Callisto Protocol?

Update: as of the patch 3.01, PC players have the ability to skip cinematics with the “Interact/Pickup” control (“E” by default).

Unfortunately, there is still no way for PS and Xbox players to do so. It seems that the developers over at Striking Distance really wanted to make sure console players saw all the narrative content they had to offer.

how to skip cutscenes callisto protocol

Because of this, we still recommend that console players save after a long cutscene, especially if you don’t see the autosave icon appear in the corner of the screen. Aside from that advice to avoid rewatching cutscenes, though, the unfortunate truth is that you’ll just have to sit through them until developers add the feature on consoles. Hope you like the story.

How to Skip Death Animations

That being said, both the PC and console players can skip the long death animations — sometimes you don’t want to see Two-Head stomp your legs and head for a third time. Simply open the pause menu and select “Load last checkpoint” to immediately start reloading your save. It’ll only save a few seconds, but if you’re dying a lot, it adds up!

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