How to Defeat Two-Head – The Callisto Protocol

Two-Head is one of the toughest enemies you will face in The Callisto Protocol. This incredibly durable biophage is able to kill Jacob in a single unlucky strike, making him terrifying even if you are well-equipped. So, in order to avoid that graphic fate, you will need to be strategic and make use of several different tools in order to survive and defeat Two-Head. Thankfully, we have some advice for how best to deal with this doubled-giant trouble.

Every time you fight a Two-Head, you’ll need to use the same tactics:

  1. Dodge an attack
  2. Attack once with your ranged weapon of choice
  3. Repeat until he goes down, at which point you can melee attack him until one of his heads explodes
  4. Dodge an attack
  5. Attack once with ranged weapon of your choice
  6. Repeat until he goes down, at which point you can melee attack him until he dies
  7. Stomp on the corpse for loot.

He only ever attacks in single-swings, and you always have time to shoot once in between strikes. He isn’t particularly fast, so you can also choose to kite him, but it’s riskier than just dodging — the only time you should really try to run away is if you want to reload faster (instead of reloading between swings).

General Strategy

  • Bring Lots of Ammo. Even before you step into an arena with a Two-Head, you’ll want to make sure you are stocked up on ammo. As opposed to most other enemies in the game, Two-Face cannot be easily fought in melee and will require you to use range to your advantage to defeat.
two head ammo

  • Stay at a Distance and Use the Environment. Two-Head is, thankfully, an incredibly slow enemy who needs to wobble slowly toward you in conventional “zombie” style. Because you can move faster than he can, you should always maintain your distance and can use obstacles to keep him from getting too close.
two head distance

  • When he Collapses, Then Use Melee. The only time you can engage Two-Head with your powerful Stun Baton is when he collapses, falling down to his knees. He is not able to attack from this position, so once he drops you should immediately run toward him to wail on him with some heavy strikes from your Baton. Just be ready to run away again once he begins to stand back up.
two head knee collapse

  • Focus Fire on One of His Heads. Once you do enough damage to one of Two-Head’s heads, it will explode, dealing massive damage. While Two-Head will still be able to function fully without the extra head, the damage from the loss will ensure that taking out his remaining health will be short work and serves as a good indicator that the fight is nearing its conclusion.
two head one head
Focus on one of his heads to destroy it first

  • Don’t Forget to Stomp! Once you’ve defeated Two-Head, don’t forget to stomp his disgusting, mutated corpse. He usually drops some of the most valuable loot in the game, like CPU Printers. It would be a shame to go unrewarded for defeating such a horrifying foe, after all!
two head stomp
Stomp him after for valuable loot

Now you have all the tools at your disposal to defeat the formidable Two-Head! But, even with this, the fight will be a challenge. Hopefully, inmate, you can avoid a grisly fate that looks something like this:

two head death
Face, meet foot
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