The Callisto Protocol DLC “Final Transmission” Now Available on All Platforms

While players on PlayStation have been enjoying The Callisto Protocol’s first story DLC for the last couple of days, the rest of us were stuck waiting. But no longer — Final Transmission can now be purchased on Steam, the Epic Store, and Xbox. Players who have purchased the Season Pass will have access to Final Transmission, which is the final piece of content to be included in the Season Pass (and anyone who got a Deluxe edition of the game will already have the Season pass).

The DLC continues the main story, and is set to tie up some — but probably not all — of the story’s loose ends. It also includes a new melee weapon, the Kinetic Hammer, which should come in handy against the terrifying new foe, a “Biophage Robot”.

If you don’t have the Season Pass, the DLC is priced at $14.99. It’s currently sitting at Mixed reviews (68% positive) on Steam, but with only 35 total reviews, it’s too soon to say whether that reflects the general reception to the DLC. The consensus seems to be that if you enjoyed the base game, this adds to it, but doesn’t change the gameplay loop enough to satisfy people who were looking for a more dramatic update to the game.

If you’ve tried Final Transmission, let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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