The Callisto Protocol Nominated for Several Awards at the Horror Game Awards

The Callisto Protocol has been nominated for four awards at the Horror Game Awards. There are Horror Game of the Year, Best Audio Design, Character of the Year (for Jacob Lee), Best Horror Trailer, and Best Soundtrack. It is competing with games that came out this year, such as Amnesia: The Bunker, Signalis, the Resident Evil 4 remake, Immortality, and (of course) the Dead Space Remake, all of which had stronger launches and maintain stronger following and reputation.

Despite many elements of the Callisto Protocol falling short for most players, we think it does have a decent claim at a few of these awards. Best Audio Design and Best Horror Trailer, especially, put the Callisto Protocol in the running. That said, the Horror Game Awards are based on community votes, and so we’d speculate that even those categories where the game, with its notoriously rough launch, at a disadvantage as some players still have a bad taste in their mouth from it (and because there are many games more recent).

If you think that the Callisto Protocol deserves and of the awards it has been nominated for (or if you think any other game should), you can vote for it here.

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