Callisto Protocol Patch 5.03 Notes – Fixes and Optimization

The Callisto Protocol put out patch 5.03 today, announced via Twitter. It is a quite small update almost entirely dealing with issues and optimization across several platforms, including some related to the new Final Transmission DLC that dropped last month. Even die-hard fans of the Callisto Protocol might struggle to find much to cheer about here, but better performance and stability is always nice, as are the frequent updates showing that the team at Striking Distance is still tinkering with the game.

Without further ado, here are the brief patch notes for the Calisto Protocol patch 5.03:

  • Fixed Out-of-World streaming issues in Final Transmission
  • Continued performance optimizations
  • Fixed an issue related to ray tracing which caused crashes
  • Fixed an issue where users could not obtain an unreachable audio log in Tower

Only so much can really be said about this one. It is notable that nearly all the patches that have been released for the Callisto Protocol have included performance optimizations, and by now have largely resolved many of the performance issues that plagued the game on launch. With this newest round of them, it may be worth diving back in for players who tried at launch to play but were unable to. Worth a try, right?

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