Patch for Callisto Protocol Adds New Game+, Skip Cinematics for PC, Fixes More Performance Issues, Bugs

An earlier than expected New Game+ update for The Callisto Protocol just dropped with the January 19th Patch update! Originally, the feature was scheduled to launch with the Hardcore Mode around February 7th, but the surprise is certainly not unwelcome — many players have shared that they are jumping into the game to start another playthrough, with their progression now carrying over to a new save.

  • The NG+ mode will require an active save file with a completed game. Your progression from the completed game should carry over to the new save: you will be able to collect all of your weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits at the first Reforge.

The update also addressed the Maximum Security Achievement/Trophy bug (and the related “The Protocol is About Life” achievement), and it looks like an additional NG+ completion trophy was added in as well.

PC players may also be pleased to head that there is now a Skip Cinematics button, mapped to the “Interact/Pickup” control (“E” by default). It’s not certain whether this change was introduced on consoles as well, since the patch notes do not mention it — if not, the discrepancy there is certainly a bit peculiar.

Of note are general performance, graphical, and crash optimizations (there is hoping that this cleaned up hiccups that remained after the first round of performance patches), and the issue where the players took damage vaulting over obstacles.

Below is the full list of updates added by the latest patch and, in case you were curious, all of the changes introduced into the game so far.

[v. 3.01] January 19, 2023


  • Users who previously completed the game will have access to NewGame+ after the patch.
    • Application restart may be required.
    • Requires an active save file from game completion.


  • Fixed an issue where some users were not correctly granted the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement
  • Added New Game Plus. Complete the game to unlock New Game Plus and carry your pression over to a new save. All weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits can be collected at the first Reforge
  • General performance optimizations across all platforms
  • Players no longer take damage when vaulting over obstacles
  • Fixed multiple issues where certain camera angles or progression paths could cause environments to stream out and allow Jacob to fall through the ground
  • Consistency pass on cabinets, lockers, and shelves to display correctly in High Contrast mode
  • Voice leveling and subtitle mismatch adjustments across localized languages


  • Fixed low frequency crash in the Tunnels level during the Two Head fight
  • Skip Cinematics button has been mapped to the Interact/Pickup input
  • Fixed a long hitch when enabling Ray-Traced Shadows in the main menu
  • Prevented mouse cursor from displaying during some area transitions


  • Fixed low frequency crash in Snowcat when Jacob is talking to Dani

[v. 2.01] December 15, 2022



  • Prevent enemies from attacking while you are attacking another enemy by adjusting uninterruptible windows for all player baton attacks vs standard enemies to add an extra 7 frames between hit and recover
  • Reduced frequency of players being attacked from behind. Enemies now prioritize grappling or repositioning instead of attacking
  • Widened incoming attack camera angle
  • Widened angle for dodging off screen attacks
  • Reduced damage taken multiplier when attacked from behind
  • Increased player facing away maximum angle for Grunt and Blind
  • Dodge optimization:
    • Valid dodge angle now allows player to have stick slightly forward and right/left while still dodging (45 -> 30 degrees)
    • Dodging at the end of the dodge window no longer means playing dodge animation and getting hit
  • Increased animation speed for:
    • Health injector usage
    • Weapon swapping
    • Weapon reloading
    • Upper receiver swapping
  • Auto-play reload animation when switching to an empty weapon
  • Continue initiated weapon swaps after interruptions
  • Extend amount of time between KTV appearance and mutation
  • Fixed phantom arm kills by armless NPCs
  • Increased audio cue volume for Danglers
  • Reduced default setting for camera shake
  • Added player invulnerable window to all 150 cm vaults
  • Changed Two Head to a two hit kill on the player in Medium Security, and a three hit kill in Minimum Security
  • Final boss encounter combat optimizations
  • Minetown AI pathing and spawning improvements


  • Optimized streaming to reduce memory usage in:
    • Habitat Water Maze
    • Snowcat Bridge Collapse
  • Fixed a memory leak with the Reforge 3d Printers


  • Fixed voice leveling issues in multiple languages
  • Fixed subtitle/vo mismatch issues in Korean
  • Fixed instances of unlocalized lines in multiple languages
  • Fixed incorrect text descriptions on menus in Korean
  • Fixed untranslated instances of “Unlocked” on doors in multiple languages
  • Fixed instances of missing voice processing in multiple languages


  • Added an option to enable performance mode when creating new games
  • Added an option to skip death cinematics and restart from checkpoint faster


  • Improved lighting performance on AMD cards (reduced VGR pressure of FDeferredLightPS)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to receive the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement after beating the game once on a lower difficulty


  • Optimized lighting for multiple cinematics in Habitat and Tower

[v. 1.02] December 06, 2022


  • Added popup dialog to display when players change ray-tracing settings and trigger a shader compile
  • Added a popup progress dialog to display in the main menu when compiling shaders
  • (Epic Specific) Fixed an issue preventing achievements from unlocking and displaying correctly
  • (Epic Specific) Fixed an issue causing the Terms Of Service to always display upon loading the app

[v. 1.01] December 02, 2022


  • Updated PSO cache to further reduce stuttering during gameplay

Did you see any difference in performance after jumping back into the game? What did you discover in the New Game+? And, quite importantly, console players — were you able to skip past the cutscenes? Share your thoughts and anything we have missed in the comments below!

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