Sons of the Forest Gets Release Date for February 2024

Endnight games announced today that their survival crafting title Sons of the Forest will be releasing into 1.0 February 22nd, 2024. This will mean the game leaves early access exactly one year after it first became available – assuming there aren’t any delays of the sort that cropped up near the original release dates for the game’s Early Access period, of course.

The release date announcement also shared that Shawn Ashmore (X-Men, The Boys) has joined the cast to voice Timmy, whose role in the game and the story is set to grow. New story updates, features, and polish will round out the 1.0 release, with the Endnight team planning to continue releasing hotfixes as usual — we really expect nothing less at this point, given the alacrity with which Endnight kept the updates coming throughout the Early Access period (and the way they so effectively supported The Forest until it became the masterpiece it is today).

Sons of the Forest is shaping up to be a game equal to its predecessor, and we’re very excited to see what 1.0 contains. Let us know what you’re hoping to see in the 1.0 release by heading to the comments below!

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