Sons of the Forest Patch 13 – Cave Changes, Tarp Walls, and New Items

Endnight Games has been on a roll with their latest patches! The last patch, Patch 12, had some solid additions like a new cave, crafting component, and item. They must be hard at work because this newer patch looks to be just as good, if not better.

It would seem they have not only made major changes to two of the caves (The Gold Armor Cave / The Rope Gun Cave), but they also added two new mystery items. For the builders out there, they also gave us three new findable blueprints for construction (one of them a new trap), and the ability to make walls with tarps.

Furthermore, they added a whole mess of improvements and fixes. Normally, we would give you a summarized list of the patch, but there are so many notable changes in each section that we recommend skimming the entire thing yourself.

Sons of the Forest Patch 13 Notes

Hey everyone,

This patch re-works Cave D (the gold armor/rifle cave) adding a bunch of cool additions and some big surprises. We also added a new extension to cave B (the rope gun cave) two new ??? items, and 3 new findable blueprints.

Additionally we added a new skinned enemy type who is very aggressive, gave twins the ability to burst out through the ground, and lots more. For the full list check below

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.


  • You can now use tarps to build walls
  • Added 3 new findable blueprints including a new trap
  • Added two new ??? Items
  • Complete re-work of cave D (and added some surprises)
  • Added extension to cave B
  • New skinned face mask enemy type ‘Henry’
  • Added new round table buildable
  • 2 new magazine props added
  • Bunch of new gore and hanging gore props
  • Added some new note pickups
  • Twins can now breakthrough and emerge from the ground in both caves and overworld


  • Items in inventory will now wobble for a moment when the inventory is opened
  • Reworked the item plating structure so that you do not need to use the grab bag to add the Solafite
  • Updated the notes tab in the blueprint book to be grey
  • The blueprint book will now show the current category page numbers at the top right of the page as well as on the previous and next buttons
  • Added Tab Collections to the blueprint book so that any page can be directly accessed
  • Updated the blueprint and tutorial books with the new tab images
  • Item plating structure can now be destroyed if it is attacked
  • Added an FPS limiter to the pause menu to fix GPUs being overworked
  • Switched a lot of item colliders to primitives to improve performance and reduce risk of falling through terrain
  • Player is now more easily knocked down when hit by a golf cart
  • Added left handed item support while using the log sled
  • Added ranged weapon aiming sensitivity support to the spear, bow and slingshot
  • Smoothed out transition between default and aimed sensitivity
  • Added localization for item perishable states
  • New backings and shadows added to all blueprint images
  • Some details and tweaks to cave b
  • Improved bunker entertainment lighting
  • Improved details in fishing huts and added breakable planks
  • Improved Solafite texture detail
  • Moved PJ’s to sailboat
  • Improved look of bloody katana
  • Improved fade range for portable light
  • Small wood bridge added over jump area in hell cave
  • Added missing rocks to hell cave merged collision to stop enemies occasionally falling through floor
  • Some improvements to cave A detailing
  • Merged collision meshes for cave and bunker transition groups and ice caves
  • Dynamic hanging skull lights added to some caves
  • Added weather occlusion to old fishing huts
  • Wall torch now has a fixed orientation, fixes edge cases where the slight tilt causes it to be visually not touching the supporting structure and not be linked for destruction
  • Lights are now positioned inside the light bulb for the freeform lightbulb and the powered cross instead of floating in front of it, so that bringing objects near it looks more realistic
  • Being inside now prevents snow clumps from spawning at player feet
  • Added new unfold animation when placing tarp ramps
  • Feather bursts tinted to match different colored birds
  • Kelvin can now retrieve nearby spears
  • Added additional smoothing of head look rotation on characters


  • Regular Puffies can no longer be skinned for creepy armor, and John2 increased to give 2 creepy armor
  • Can no longer parry helicopter attacks or body slams by end boss
  • Reduced dismemberment on Heavy cannibal kick and club attacks, increased on boat engine


  • Fixed John2 phasing through walls
  • Fix John2 not triggering Mace trap and radio trap
  • Fixed incorrect year listed on some magazine props
  • Fixed issue where structure lights and FX wouldn’t start deactivated after loading save
  • Fixed some breakable cave boards being misaligned on clients
  • Fixed Demon not colliding with player, not pushing bushes, and getting stuck on hanging crosses
  • Fixed the most common causes of eagles or ducks flying on the ground
  • Fixed clients in multiplayer games not seeing muzzle flashes from Virginia
  • Fixed Kelvin not being able to cut Arbutus trees, which could stop his progress in getting logs
  • Fixed Kelvin notepad icon left active when other player starts interacting with him
  • Disable notepad on Kelvin while mid-air, which previously froze player in mid-air
  • Disabled torch block since it didn’t block any damage
  • Fixed flashlight not matching the aim of revolver or pistol when aiming down sights, and not matching rope gun aim
  • Fixed issue causing ragdolls to sometimes have distorted poses (especially neck joint)
  • Fixed some issues with enemy weapons not detaching and dropping when the holding character ragdolls
  • Cannibals will no longer place effigies overnight in peaceful mode
  • Fixed Puffies standing up after jumping even if they continued to run later
  • Fixed Puffies sometimes not waking up when hit
  • Fix rare case of some village cannibals spawning in ocean
  • Changed character name on sundowner magazine
  • Fixed radio trap triggering randomly on dead bodies
  • Player is no longer blasted into space if they open their inventory while standing on an armed spring trap
  • Fixed issue where pickups with a ranged amount (ammo boxes) would never include their max value in their random value calculation. Example: A chance of 1 to 2 would always result in 1
  • Fixed issue that if the player is already wearing the gold armor, and it is then forced on from the gold room or hell door cutscenes, it would be permanently visually stuck on
  • Simplified the colliders for the flashlight mod and fixed issues with its emissive material application
  • Fixed issue with player never losing their warmth status after stashing their lit held torch
  • Spears can now be picked up even if the player is already holding maximum spears
  • Fix for Night vision goggles being visible on other players when in gold room cutscene.
  • Large log storage structure can now be destroyed and will also wobble on dismantle
  • Left hand items can no longer be re-equipped while the left item was stashed to reload the right hand item
  • Fixed issue with the healing effects of items being lost if they were used when low health and the low health instant regain triggers
  • Fixed issue with fade to black not showing up if the player triggered sleeping when crouched
  • Fixed issue with Duct Tape and C4 Bricks moving/floating when spawned in a container and the container is pushed around
  • Fixing offset colliders on the crossbow when it is on the crafting mat
  • Player can now jump while riding the Knight V and holding a structure
  • Fix for GPS icons on the edges of the tracker screen not staying upright
  • Updated many of the structures with better collision. This fixes projectiles going through them
  • Fix for errors in multiplayer games when armor pieces are removed from other players because they equipped the gold armor
  • Fixed errors when clients would take the weapon out of the item plating machine
  • Notes pages should no longer be visible on other players when they have the book equipped
  • Fixed chance of players being kicked from multiplayer games when some items were fake dropped
  • Fix for pause not blocked when entering mutant boss cutscene
  • Added delay to activate stump damage (1s) to prevent stumps being instantly destroyed
  • Fixed Dead Cultist arm visual issues
  • Removed tree Skeletons from addressable load to reduce risk of pop
  • Item Plater fix for structure erroring out if the item is removed after plating has started
  • Item Plater added check for placed item while running plating update and will force stop if missing
  • Fixed some issues where lightning would not appear
  • Fixed ambient music not playing in bunker entertainment for clients in multiplayer (bar, spa, gym)
  • Fixes ranged weapon aiming sensitivity broken state during reload for guns
  • Trying to ride zipline with a mounted Knight V is not possible anymore
  • Fixed inventory left click icon not refreshing properly on the item info view when switching from keyboard to gamepad and the reverse
  • Fixed zipline early disconnects
  • Fixed player being nudged to the left when equipping a right handed weapon
  • Inventory can no longer be opened while using the log sled
  • Fixed non uniformly scaled ammo swap icon
  • Fixed menu can be opened during inventory animation causing a bad game state if quitting the game to title screen
  • Fixed various bad game state cleanup when kicked or banned from a multiplayer game
  • Fixed the counter top radio pickup in bunker entertainment spa area not being interactable
  • Fixed remaining case where placing free wire would snap floating far from the target structure
  • Fixed ramps switching to combined LOD elements after being repaired
  • Fixed repairing preset tarp not repositioning the element
  • Fixed breaking a pillar supporting a beam with a strut not collapsing the beam and the strut
  • Fixed tree houses staying floating when the tree they’re in is chopped down
  • Fixed player sliding when standing on corner ramps
  • Fixed being able to dismantle pillars supporting deck rails
  • Fixed second point of free wires not always lining up accurately with the second support
  • Preview UI for second point snapping when placing free wires now conforms with the second support
  • Fixed placing climbing rope from above hard to target at some angles
  • Fixed corner ramp log quarter switching LODs very close to the player
  • Fixed rope bridges disappearing if player flips the beam supporting it by adding a strut
  • Fixed getting knocked down in multiplayer while placing construction elements not properly cancelling the placement for remote players
  • Fixed lifting beam in multiplayer resulting in the beam getting repositioned from its original position for remote players


  • Added audio to hanging objects when pushed
  • Edited the lighter on off to have no ultra high frequency peak
  • Added ice impacts to water impact events
  • Guitar track set to not loop
  • Added crafting sting to crafting zipline rope
  • Tuned Puffy idle audio and mutant rock footsteps
  • Added female puffy idles and sleeping events to meta list events. Tuned distances and reverb levels of idles and sleep audio
  • Reduced reverb on some events and made metal objects hopefully not spam so much
  • Added burning sound to lit torch and molotov
  • Added audio for wet molotov/torch light event
  • Hooked up additional audio for Puffies while sleeping, idling or running around

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