Sons of the Forest Delayed Until October 2022

Sons of the Forest developer and publisher Endnight Games announced today via Twitter that their sequel to The Forest will be delayed until October. Originally set to release in May of this year, the delay adds five months of development time to Endnight’s spooky survival crafting sequel.

While delays are always disappointing, it’s nice to know that Endnight are making sure they release Sons of the Forest when it’s good and ready. Thanks to the success of the original game, it seems safe to assume that Endnight aren’t in desperate need of funds, and can take therefore take the time they need to truly wrap up work on the game before releasing it.

From the gameplay reveals so far, it’s clear that Endnight aren’t messing with the formula that made the original game so successful. There will still be crafting, hunting and gathering, and terrifying enemies with realistic behavior. Base construction looks more complex, there are a lot more weapons to choose from, and the gross little babies are even making a comeback. The official release date trailer shows off a lot of the new features without giving too much of the story away:

Hopefully, this will be the only delay, and we’ll all be building forts and getting jump-scared in caves come October.

Excited for Sons of the Forest? Already planning an elaborate log mansion? Let us know in the comments!

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