Small Hotfix for Sons of the Forest Patch 07

The largest Sons of the Forest update yet released earlier today, adding a new boss, a new weapon, drivable golf carts, and plenty of other changes, improvements, and bug fixes. Naturally, with such a large update, there were bound to be issues. Rather than taking a break after dropping the patch, developer Endnight got right to work fixing reported issues (and perhaps issues they already knew were present), and have released a patch to address said issues.

It’s a short list of fixes, but welcome none the less. You can see the official announcement/patch notes below:

Hey everyone,

Here are some small fixes for some issues that came up in today’s patch release.

  • Fixed time of day pop after boss fight
  • Fixed carrying rain collector or spring trap causing player to slide
  • Added tutorial for how to exit golf cart
  • Fixed case where cutscene queue could break in multiplayer

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.

Sourced from official Steam announcement
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