Second Hotfix for Sons of the Forest Patch 07

Hopefully all you survivors have been having fun with the new content that dropped with Patch 07. If you haven’t, then you are missing out on some excellent new toys and additions, like drivable golf carts, a new end boss, a new weapon, and more. Endnight Games already dropped a small hotfix to patch some things up in Patch 07, and it seems they’ve been working hard because there’s another one, so keep it up!

It makes us wonder if these smaller hotfixes are part of their new timetable strategy, since now the bigger updates are coming every month (they used to be every two weeks). As we mentioned before, we’re totally fine with it, as long as we keep getting cool stuff like golf carts. Here’s a look at the fixes from this second hotfix:

Hey everyone,

Here are some small fixes for some issues that came up in last weeks patch release

  • Fixed skulls not being collectable from burnt bodies and fixed colliders on burnt bones
  • Stone Storage can now be dismantled
  • Fix for side rack items disappearing in the log sled when pushed away from where it was spawned
  • Fix for cooking pot on a fire teleporting to the player’s hands if they pick up an item and another player has placed a pot on the fire
  • Fixed some cases of Kelvin not correctly interacting with storage holders
  • Fixed bug when on fire and driving the golf cart that would break physics
  • Fixed a bug that would lose item mods when dying while driving the golf cart
  • Fix for input breaking mapping menu when in the golf cart
  • Improved logging in dedicated servers
  • Added new dedicated server setting to opt-out of the network accessibility self-test procedure “SkipNetworkAccessibilityTest”; check the Guide for more details

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.

Sourced from official Steam announcement

Good news if you were that one person driving golf carts around while on fire! How are you liking Sons of the Forest? Is this early access model with all the updates good or bad? Tell us about it in the comments.

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