Sons of the Forest Patch 07 Delayed – Will Be “Biggest Patch Yet”

If you’re like us, then you were waiting eagerly for patch 07 of Sons of the Forest. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait a little longer. Around the time that we expected the patch to drop, Endnight Games gave us this tantalizing update through an official Steam announcement:

Hey Everyone,

Patch 7 is our biggest patch release yet including a new boss monster, dedicated server support, a new weapon, animal head trophies, more stone building and tons more (drivable golf carts!). We have some last-minute fixes we need to do so will be releasing early tomorrow instead of tonight.

The team at endnight

It would seem we were right to be excited about this patch. There’s a lot of speculation we can do about the content that will be available tomorrow: Perhaps we will finally get the airgun whose image icon has been in the game’s directory since release, or maybe (since we’re getting golf carts) we will finally be hitting the links with more than just our putter? However, what’s most exciting is the new boss. Does this mean a new cave, too? They did say it would be the biggest patch after all, so that must mean more than the patch with the golden armor cave.

It wouldn’t be a patch without some construction additions also, which they hinted will be animal trophies and more stone-building mechanics. If that sounds a little lackluster for all you builders out there, don’t fret. That small phrase “and tons more” can carry a lot of hope. Again, luckily we won’t have to wait too long.

Let us know what else you think they might be adding in the comments. I’m personally hoping for more cultist information; there has to be a bigger story behind those weirdos. In any case, we’ll find out tomorrow!

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