Sons of the Forest Patch 6 Delay Announcement Hints at New Building System

According to a recent Steam announcement from Endnight games, the upcoming Sons of the Forest Patch will now be dropping “early tomorrow”, rather than tonight. As usual, Endnight were exceedingly pithy:

Hey Everyone,

Due to some last-minute issues with our new stone building system, tonight’s planned patch will release early tomorrow instead.

The team at endnight

This announcement does, however, tease what’s coming in the next patch: a new stone building system, which is very likely part of the free-form construction option new to the series. Currently, building is very wood-centric, with bases relying on logs for things like walls and structures.

However, patch 06, which is now set to release tomorrow, appears to include a new stone-based building system. It will be great to have more variety in terms of how players can construct their base; presumably, stone will also be significantly sturdier than wood, making it easier to build a wall or building that can keep out the island’s bloodthirsty denizens.

Endnight have been steadily adding new features, so this comes as no real surprise — the only question now is how much other fun new stuff will be included in tomorrow’s patch! With any luck, patch 6 will also include additions to the game’s story, and a fun new tool or two.

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