Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried: 1
Attack Speed: Moderate-High
Attack Damage: Moderate-High
Blocking Effectiveness: None
A high caliber sidearm that holds six shots. Uses 9 mm ammo, and does more damage than the pistol.

The revolver can be found in Maintenance Bunker C, which is on the golf course in the northeast part of the island (1). As with all the other maintenance bunkers, there are no enemies inside, but you will need the shovel to uncover and open the hatch. It is the only unique item inside the bunker, however, there’s also some other loot in the storage area. You will find the firearm next to a dead worker inside (2).

It depends on the situation, but as far as damage is concerned, yes; the revolver does more damage per shot than the pistol (despite using the same ammo). However, the revolver only holds six shots, and it doesn’t have access to the attachments that the pistol does. As a result, the pistol might be a better option if you need to be stealthy, or want the flashlight attachment as a free light source.

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