Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried: 1
Attack Speed: Low-Moderate
Attack Damage: Moderate-High
Blocking Effectiveness: None
A crossbow with a crank that does more damage than the crafted bow, or the compound bow. Can only use crossbow bolts as ammunition.

The crossbow can be found in the Food Bunker (1). You will need the maintenance keycard to progress deeper into the food bunker, where the crossbow is. After entering the bunker, climbing down the ladder, and opening the locked door with the maintenance keycard, you will find yourself in rooms with hydroponics. In the second room, along the right wall, you’ll find a corpse that’s holding the crossbow (2).

For a more in-depth guide on acquiring the crossbow, go to Where to Find the Crossbow.

Using the crossbow is a lot like the other bows. You equip it from your inventory and hold button xbox lefttrigger / icon mouse right click v2to aim, then press button xbox righttrigger / icon mouse left click v2 to fire. However, unlike the other bows, you can only use crossbow bolts and not other types of arrows. After firing a bolt, you will need to presscomputer key r t / button xbox x v2 / playstation square button to reload. It does do significantly more damage than the other bows, being able to kill a cannibal with one shot to the body.

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