Palworld Early Access Roadmap Released

It is no secret: following it’s release onto Steam Early Access, Palworld is a smash success. According to Pocketpair, the game’s developers, it has already sold 7 million units in just 5 days, practically guaranteeing it will be one of the best-selling titles of the 2024 (even this early in the year). And, with a current rating of 93% positive on Steam and Early Access reviews indicating a generally positive sentiment, it looks like Palworld will be around to stay for a while.

With the dust beginning to settle, Pocketpair put out a Steam Community Post where they outlined the roadmap for the game going forward, as it continues development as an Early Access title. In it, Pocketpair outlined it’s priorities going forward to fix bugs, make improvements where needed, and create content updates to add more to the game. Though the game released in a very stable state for an Early Access title, it is clear that Pocketpair intends to polish the game as much as possible going forward.

palworld early access roadmap infographic

According to the Steam Community post and attached inforgraphic, the current priorities for Palworld are as follows:

  • Addressing Critical Issues
    • Currently, numerous bugs have been identified, and we are prioritizing fixing those.
    • Sometimes, the world date may experience rollbacks.
    • The loading screen may persist when trying to load into worlds.
    • …and so on.
  • Improvements to Implement ASAP
    • Key configuration improvements.
    • Improvements to base Pal AI and pathing.
  • Planned Future Updates
    • PvP
    • Raid Bosses (End-Game Content)
    • Pal Arena (PvP for Pals)
    • Steam-Xbox Crossplay
    • Various Xbox Feature Improvements
    • Server Transfers and Migrations
    • Improvements to the Building System
    • New islands, Pals, Bosses, and Technologies.

For now, these are just promises, but considering the success that Pocketpal has had and the relative stability and vision with which Palworld released on Early Access, we have high hopes.

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