The Sin Reborn Mod Adds a New Level of Difficulty to Final Fantasy X

If you’ve played Final Fantasy X multiple times, and are looking for a new challenge within it, the Sin Reborn mod is a great way to make the game more difficult. This mod both makes enemies tougher, and slows down character progression to give players a harder time going through their journey.

There are three factors that Sin Reborn changes, all of them being customizable to create your own challenge.

  • Stat Multiplier to increase the stats of all enemies. The only stats that are not affected are Luck and Evasion.
  • AP Multiplier to affect the rate at which characters receive AP.
  • Scaling Difficulty automatically increases the stats of enemies as you progress through the game.

Within the mod, you can choose a premade difficulty; Chimera Mode, and Nightmare Mode (the harder of the two). If you don’t want to use either of these, you can customize your own difficulty.

2033503712 preview sin reborn in combat

Sin Reborn is a great way to give veteran players a new challenge to the game, making enemies tougher and weakening your own party. It can also work alongside the Seymour Reborn mod if you want to bring Seymour in on this challenge.

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