Fan Creates Incredible Video to Celebrate Final Fantasy X’s 20th Anniversary

July 19 was the 20th anniversary for Final Fantasy X. To celebrate this milestone, YouTube user Toby Sauders created an incredible video which shows off various places and characters in the game using the Unreal engine.

In the video, we are shown many different aspects of Final Fantasy X, all while Tidus is slowly waking up. We see many of the environments of Spira such as the Calm Lands and the Thunder Plains, and get a look at most of the main cast, including Lulu and Auron. We even get a glimpse at a few of the Aeons and Sin, all recreated in 4K. The video ends with Tidus finally opening his eyes, observing his new surroundings.

For fans that want to see Final Fantasy X get a full remake, this video is an amazing look at what it could look like.

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