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Petrify Grenade

Game: Final Fantasy X/X-2

Inflicts Petrification on all enemies.

Type of item: Use
Other uses: Can be used as an ingredient for Mix Overdrives, can grant armor the ‘Stoneproof’ passive (requires 20), and weapons the ‘Stonetouch’ passive (requires 10) and ‘Stonestrike’ passive (requires 60)

How to Obtain:

Stolen from: Anacondaur, Basilisk, Cave Iguion, Demonolith, Dinonix, Iguion, Ipiria, Jormungand, Melusine, Raptor, Yowie, Zaurus
Bribed from: Basilisk (50,625 gil for 24), Cave Iguion (13,750 gil for 6), Dinonix (3500 gil for 2), Iguion (9250 gil for 5), Ipiria (4500 gil for 3), Melusine (6625 gil for 4), Raptor (5000 gil for 3), Yowie (22,500 for 12)
Prize from: Monster Arena (unlock Jormungand)

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