2/7 Patch Update, Hardcore Mode – The Callisto Protocol

Good news for all of you survival-horror enthusiasts out there, The Callisto Protocol has released patch 2/7. This update not only brings quality of life and performance improvements, but also includes a new mode—Hardcore Mode. It would seem that the developers are still in a state of catch-up. The last update brought New Game+, and usually both of these features are commonly a part of a game’s initial release. While it’s always better to have these modes upfront, fans will be happy that they arrived later rather than not at all.

Hardcore Mode seems like it will be difficult for even the most weathered masochists. With a slew of penalizing and limiting features, it sounds like players will have to become extra resourceful to survive this nightmare. Here’s a list of all the updates directly from the patch notes:

  • Ammo, health and credits are harder to come by and not every Biophage will drop loot.
  • Increased enemy damage
  • Decreased Stun Baton damage
  • Increased enemy mutation speed
  • Contraband value is reduced
  • Hardcore Mode New Game+ (requires completion of standard Hardcore Mode playthrough)
  • New Achievements / Trophies to hunt

As per a Reddit post by an verified employee

Another important section of the patch is for Steam Deck owners. This will make playing on the portable platform much better, take a look:

  • Updated font rendering and UI elements for readability
  • Created a rendering functionality profile specifically for Steam Deck with the best settings for smooth gameplay
  • Updated control schemes for Steam Deck controls

Finally, to the rest of the patch. These updates might seem insignificant when compared to the above, but they will no doubt be critical to some of you.


  • Players that were not correctly granted the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement upon completing the game will be automatically granted the achievement
  • Localization fixes for leveling and VO/subtitle mismatches
  • Optimized enemy combat AI when player is surrounded by multiple enemies

PC Specific

  • Ray tracing performance improvements

Excited about the new Hardcore Mode? Can’t wait to take The Callisto Protocol in the go with your Steam Deck? Tell us about it in the comments!

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