Hotfix 2 Brings Hotkeys to Sons of the Forest – Here’s How to Use Them

It has been nearly a full week since the release of Sons of the Forest, and we’re happy to tell you that hotfixes are already rolling out. While the first hotfix was less substantial, focusing mostly on stability, the second hotfix delivers some noticeable changes.

Thankfully, it does seem that the developers over at Endnight Games are paying attention to the feedback about the game. This hotfix gives players a hotkey system that makes swapping between items much easier. They also implemented some quality of life changes, like easily backing out from certain screens with button xbox b v2/playstation circle button/ computer key esc t.

It’s our opinion that the developers were correct in releasing this game for early access, because it does have its issues and needs some polish. However, it is promising to see the team take a proactive approach in frequently updating their product. These individual hotfixes might not be the massive changes the game requires, but as they start to accumulate, they could transform the game into a more finished state.

Hey Everyone,

Here is a small hotfix for a few issues that have come up over the weekend.

  • Added hotkey system for keyboard/mouse. Assign hotkeys in inventory by pressing numerical keys 0 through 9 on hovered items in inventory
  • Added hint for hotkeys to loading screen
  • Improved cutscene skip prompt; will now appear briefly at start or show when common skip keys are pressed (esc, space, etc)
  • Added heavy attack tutorial to loading hints
  • ‘Back’ (default Esc) will close Tutorial book, Construction book and Grab bag interactions

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.

Sons of the Forest / Steam

If you read the hotfix, then you know that hotkeys are only available for players using mouse and keyboard. That being said, once you are in your inventory menu (by pressing computer key i t), you simply hover over an item with the cursor and press a number key between 1 and 0. Now that item will be equipped whenever you press that number key.

sons of the forest hotfix 2 picture of hotkey
Your item’s hotkey number will be next to its name

You can tell if it worked by seeing if a number appeared next to your item’s name in the inventory menu. This will improve the game’s flow while building and fighting immensely. Unfortunately, controller players are going to have to stick with using the backpack.

Does this hotkey hotfix make the gameplay feel more fluid? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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