Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
Damage: High (against demons)
A simple cross that can be held out to sometimes dissuade mutants from attacking. Can be used towards the end of the game to kill demons.

The Cross can be found in two different location; first it can be found in the same cave as the rope gun (1), and second, it can be found in the final bunker which is the most eastern point of interest along the beach (2). In the cave, it can be found at the start, next to a floodlight that is casting its silhouette on the wall (3). In the bunker, it is on a table that is at the head of the bead (4).

When you equip the cross and use it, your character will hold it out in front of him and shake it. This has a small effect on mutants and will make them back off occasionally. It does not seem to affect cannibals. However, the cross is very effective against demons at the end of the game. Using it on demons will make them burn.

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