Compound Bow

Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried: 1
Attack Speed: Low-Moderate
Attack Damage: Moderate-High
Blocking Effectiveness: None
A modern compound bow that is more effective than the crafted bow. Does different amounts of damage depending on the arrows used.

The compound bow can be found at maintenance bunker B (1). You will need a shovel to dig up the hatch in order to access the bunker (2). After you have accessed the bunker, head into the living area, and you will find the bow in the bathroom next to the corpse by the bathtub (3).

Yes, the compound bow is better than the crafted bow. It does more damage with carbon fiber arrows, and it’s much easier to line up shots. For example, with carbon fiber arrows, it only takes one shot in the chest to kill a cannibal, while it takes two arrows with the crafted bow.

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