Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
A set of binoculars that can be used to enhance vision.

Players can find a set of binoculars on an abandoned kayak on the northwestern beach of the island. They will be sitting on the nose of the kayak. Don’t miss the camouflage suit that is inside the kayak, either. You can’t wear it, but Virginia can.

sons of the forest binoculars kayak

This handy tool was added to the game in patch 01 and is simple to use. Go to your inventory and equip them, then press button xbox righttrigger / icon mouse left click v2 to put them up to your eyes for telescopic vision. A good tactic for when using the binoculars is to reach a high vantage point above the forest canopy. This allows you to see over trees and pick out important landmarks or points of interest that aren’t shown on the GPS tracker.

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