The Callisto Protocol Full Gameplay Leaked on Twitch

A Twitch user, thaiger_gnasher_ leaked multiple hours of footage of The Callisto Protocol on his channel today. The most recent video available is nearly 7 hours long, and the total time the streamer took to beat the game across several streams is about 15 hours, so it’s definitely not one of the quick previews you might have seen leaking here and there.

This leak (of course) comes with the entire story, as long as you don’t mind the French interface and subtitles accompanying the original English voiceover. We get to see the entirety of the combat system, the fan-favorite creative HUD display, and the special moves designed specifically for the game — ranged attacks and the careful dodging and blocking dance up close, with a high risk of dying to just about any monster, very quickly, just as has been promised by the developers. You will also get to see the game’s variety of weapon types in use, as well as the upgrade system, and much more.

Obviously, if you are carefully avoiding all spoilers, you might want to skip this one. But, if you are eager to see the gameplay before you consider buying (or even just before jumping in here in a couple of days), you definitely want to hurry up to see it before it’s taken down — it has been a pattern for these videos to be taken down within an hour, as soon as someone spreads the word on somewhere like r/GamingLeaksAndRumours.

the callisto protocol gameplay leak story and combat

Are you one of the fans who are on the hunt for anything available for the game? If so, tell us about findings below — what did you see? What is getting you excited about the game so far? Or, on the other hand — has what you seen so far left you underwhelmed? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 year ago

Holy crap the ENTIRE GAME?! Does that mean the play time is less than 10 hours?

Reply to  Florence
1 year ago

The streamer actually played the game in multiple sittings, so across 4 videos played the whole game over the course of about 15 hours.