How to Upgrade Weapons – The Callisto Protocol

Upgrading your weapons is an important part of The Callisto Protocol’s progression, and can mean the difference between having a devastating arsenal that can carve through your undead foes, versus being constantly on the back foot against ever-more-powerful foes. Thankfully, upgrading your equipment is simple, though it can be expensive.

First, you’ll need to find a “Reforge” station, which glow with orange-and-blue lights and should be easy to spot. These function as the storefront for all equipment in the game, including upgrades.

upgrades reforge bench

Once you’ve accessed a Reforge station, you simply need to navigate to the weapon or equipment you want to upgrade, and then use your directional buttons to navigate to an unpurchased upgrade, which you can buy with your Callisto Credits. You will need to progress from the bottom-up, buying each upgrade in order before you can buy ones near the top.

If you happen to find yourself too low on credits to afford what you want, don’t forget that you can also navigate to the “Sell” tab of the Reforge station to sell excess goods, or you can take a look at our guide on how to earn Callisto Credits quickly.

Now the only question remaining is what upgrades will you choose? There is certainly no shortage of options, and all of them could help you on your way out of Black Iron. Happy reforging, inmate.

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