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Game: The Callisto Protocol
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: April 18, 2023

Update 5.01 came to The Callisto Protocol today, adding in two long-awaited features to the game. The first is Skippable Cutscenes, finally giving players an option to skip past the many long cutscenes in the game so they can get back in the action. More gruesomely, the Callisto Protocol has added a Dismemberment Mode, which allows players to shoot, blast, and whack limbs off of the undead biophage. I’m so glad that the Callisto Protocol is staying up to date and ahead of the competition.

Specifically, the patch notes (which I’m glad we got this time) for 5.01 are as follows:


  • Take your enemies apart limb by limb and experience the thrill of instantly dismembering your foes
  • Players cannot earn campaign achievements or trophies while playing Dismemberment Mode


  • Added functionality allowing players to skip cutscenes

Well, that is short and sweet, at least. Dismember enemies, skip cutscenes. Of course, though, you might’ve noticed that in order to dismember enemies, you will need to disable achievements or trophies. Because, apparently, it’s just such a powerful ability that might as well break the game if you have it. I will never understand Striking Distance Studios. But at least they added skippable cutscenes, only 5 months after launch, and without strings attached.

Update 5.01 was announced on Twitter, Steam, Discord, and the Callisto Protocol’s website (where the patch notes are detailed) at the same time as the update was released. It comes more than 3 months after the last major update, 4.01, which added Hardcore mode on February 7th. Since it added so much meaningful content that it was clearly impossible to have at launch, we are surprised it happened so quickly.

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