The Callisto Protocol Releases “Riot Mode” in New Update

The Callisto Protocol finally released “Riot Mode” today, a wave-defense mode promising truly challenging combat, fun progression, and all new-heights of next-gen gore. The game mode, which was promised back before the game’s launch as a part of the Deluxe Edition bundles, has been eagerly awaited by players yearning for more content out of the game.

The update containing Riot Mode released alongside a Tweet with a trailer, explaining the appeal of the new game mode.

This new game mode promises to explore the depths of Black Iron prison in a more combat-oriented way than the base game ever did. It also looks to expand on the game’s combat mechanics, adding a slew of upgrades for the player to unlock as they earn credits while slogging through wave-after-wave of biophage. The trailer also showcases a scoring system, where presumably killing biophage in uniquely skilled ways will earn you more points so that you can make your abilities known on a leaderboard.

After a rocky launch, this “Riot Mode” might just add the longevity the game has sorely needed for a while. Featuring a short campaign and relatively small waves of enemies, the game was possible to breeze through (and get all the achievements) in a solid day for most gamers. By adding in a wave-defense mode, with plenty of replayability and a leaderboard, the developers at Striking Distance Studios are adding something many wish had been that at launch, and it’ll be interesting to see if it reattracts players to the game. Either way, it will be exciting to explore this new game mode and sink back into the game’s bloody combat.

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