The Callisto Protocol Riot Mode Release Date Announced

The Callisto Protocol has announced via Tweet that the release date for the game’s new “Riot Mode” will be May 23rd. That’s right, only 5 days ahead of time, meaning you’ll be able to dive into the new wave-defense mode within the next week!

The announcement was made alongside the self-explanatory caption “Prepare for Riot Mode on 5.23.23”, and was accompanied by a short trailer for the mode itself, in which we can see many variants of the game’s zombie-like “Biophage” crawling through Black Iron Prison, followed by a 3rd-person shot of a character preparing a stun baton for combat. While not particularly revealing, it does hint at what the core experience of “Riot Mode” will be: brutal, bloody combat fighting through waves and waves of biophage.

The upcoming wave-based defense “Riot Mode” was promised even before release, with its inclusion in the Season Pass (itself included with all Deluxe versions of the game). According to the store page, the mode promises to let players “Venture into a previously undiscovered area of Black Iron Prison and battle through waves of brutal enemies. Gather credits to upgrade your weapons, unlock unique finishing moves, and survive the onslaught…” It certainly sounds like some of the combat depth and exploration that many players considered to be lacking in the base game may be coming soon.

While The Callisto Protocol has not always nailed the landing for all of its features, this new “Riot Mode” is sure to please those still hankering for more of the game’s bloody combat, and has us interested in hopping back in to see what’s become of Black Iron and it’s terrifying denizens.

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