The Callisto Protocol Soundtrack to be Released as a 2-LP Vinyl, Available for Pre-Order

The Callisto Protocol opened pre-orders for the August 3rd release of its soundtrack on vinyl today. The $49.99 2-LP Vinyl set will contain a healthy 24 tracks on two vinyl disks (meaning 6 sides per side) and is available for pre-order at Center Stage here and at Amazon here. The purchase includes the two vinyl disks — one in yellow and one in black — as well as two custom slip-covers and a folding case with a particularly artsy rendition of the game’s “Two-Head” monster. Pre-orders for the vinyl will ship on August 3rd.

As for the content of the LPs themselves, it is the same as the soundtrack by Finishing Move Inc., which was released back in January and is available for streaming on all major music platforms. The soundtrack was generally one of the better-received parts of the Callisto Protocol after a bumpy launch, and so this vinyl release ought to be on at least a few fans’ minds. However, buyer beware: while this vinyl collection will include most of the recognizable orchestral arrangements for the game, it does have one glaring omission: Lost Again by Kings Elliot, the song that played during the Callisto Protocol’s trailer and in a hidden room in the game, is not on the tracklist for this LP. Despite Lost Again being the game’s “theme,” it will not be available on vinyl.

Regardless, the vinyl is still quite a packed bundle (albeit for a fairly hefty price), and so it seems like a good deal so long as you aren’t after that one specific song. You can find the 2-LP available for purchase at Center Stage here and at Amazon here.

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