UJC Special Ops “Tactical Pistol”

Game: The Callisto Protocol

Preferred by ex-military officers for its low recoil and high rate of fire. Based on the UJC Modular Weapons Platform.
Weapon Type: Sidearm
Ammo Capacity: 10 (20 with Upgrades)
Damage: Very Low (Low with Upgrades)
Stability: High (Max with Upgrades)
Ammo: Tactical Pistol Ammo

The schematics for the UJC Special Ops “Tactical Pistol” are found near the beginning of Chapter 6: Below. It can be found shortly after encountering the second room full of blind enemies, in a small room to the right in a corridor. After grabbing the schematic, it will be automatically added to the Reforge, and will cost 600 Credits to buy.

Upgrade Description
â €Creditsâ €
Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade
Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellant to all ammunition.
300 callisto protocol credits icon
High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
Alters the magazine well to accept high capacity magazines.
300 callisto protocol credits icon
Stability Upgrade
Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil.
900 callisto protocol credits icon
TK33 “Burst Mode”
Adds alt-fire module with high-damage 5 round burst. Illegal on Earth and Luna.
3600 callisto protocol credits icon
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