Skunkworks Shotgun “Skunk Gun”

Game: The Callisto Protocol

A prototype one-handed shotgun currently being tested in Black Iron. Developed by the Io Armaments Skunkworks Division.
Weapon Type: Primary
Ammo Capacity: 2 (4 with Upgrades)
Damage: High (Very High with Upgrades)
Stability: Very High (Maximum with Upgrades)
Ammo: Skunk Gun Ammo

You can find the Skunk Gun Schematics in Chapter 3: Aftermath, after the elevator crash into the basement.

  1. Near the entrance, there will be a broken fusebox. The schematics are behind this door, but you won’t be able to access it right away.
  2. Instead, make your way to the other side of the room by going up and down the raised sections of the room.
  3. Once you are on the other side of it, go up to the locked gate, where you will find a body with a Gate Fuse lying nearby.
  4. Pick up the fuse, and bring it all the way back to the broken fusebox you first saw when you came in, on the other side of the room.
  5. Crawl through the vent and drop down into the room to pick up the Skunk Gun Schematics.

Once you have the schematics, you can purchase this gun at any Reforge machine for 800 Credits.

Upgrade Description
â €Creditsâ €
High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
Alters the magazine well to accept high-capacity magazines.
400 callisto protocol credits icon
Stability Upgrade
Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil.
1200 callisto protocol credits icon
Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade
Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellant to all ammunition.
1200 callisto protocol credits icon
Swarming Rounds
Modifies the weapon to fitting homing ammo that swarms nearby enemies.
3600 callisto protocol credits icon
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