Warriors of Calamity Walkthrough – Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

Greetings, Warrior. Thank you for joining us for our conclusion of the Stranger of Paradise Main Missions! For this guide we will cover the final Mission, ‘Warriors of Calamity’ — taking you back to where the story of this game began. Along the way, we will point out the Mission’s secrets and provide tips for the final boss battle.

Let’s finish this!

Once you complete ‘Strangers of Paradise,’ the only place you can go will be the Chaos Shrine. When you’re ready, head there and begin ‘Warriors of Calamity.’ Keep in mind that you will be without your companions for this Mission.

As soon as you gain control, you will notice an aura surrounding Jack, as well as that your Break Gauge is now purple. This is an indicator of a few buffs Jack will have for this Mission:

  • Your Break Gauge will never deplete
  • None of your Abilities will cost any MP
  • It will be much harder to stagger you

Just past the Cube, you will find the Fool’s Missive XXXIX — grab it and continue forward until you reach a ledge. Grab the Fool’s Missive XXVII, then jump down and continue. Climb up the ladder when you reach it: there will only be enemies to fight if you take the long way through the level.

Once you’re at the top, run forward until you reach the Shrine of Bygone Light. Go to the center to grab the Fool’s Missive XXXVIII, then turn around and continue through the main path. Make sure you grab the Fool’s Missive XXXI you see on the way.

final fantasy origin fool's missive xxxi

Continue through the main path until you are running on top of the large pillar — grab the Fool’s Missive XXVIII you find here, and keep going forward until you reach a Cube. This is the last Cube you can use during this Mission.

Once you reach the corridor, you can just go to the right and then through the large doors (all of the other paths just have enemies). At the bottom of the steps in the next room you will find the Fool’s Missive XL. Then go through the large doors, and you will get a cutscene.

final fantasy origin fool's missive xl

Afterwards, you will be put in a quick battle against the Dimensional Crystal Matrix. Just attack it until you can Soul Burst it, and you will get put into another cutscene. Once it’s done, the battle against the final boss will begin.

Once the battle begins, you will lose the enhancements you’ve had throughout this level. Darkness Manifest is an aggressive physical attacker that also has access to a wide variety of elemental magic.

  • He can do a combo of up to three hits, using his fists
  • Darkness Manifest has a two-hit combo where he will try to stomp on you, then create a ball of energy in front of him that will explode
  • He can also leap towards you and slam the ground with his fist
  • If you’re behind him, he can try to kick you, turning himself around to be facing you
  • Flame Spout will summon a patch of Fire under you, which will quickly explode
  • Furious Flame will cause Darkness Manifest to shoot a wave of Fire in a cone in front of him (this can be stolen with a Soul Shield)
  • Malicious Waters will have him throw a disk of Water at you (this can be stolen with a Soul Shield)
  • Tsunami will summon a powerful wave of Water directly in front of you
  • Dread Earth will have him shoot two lines of Earth eruptions towards you (this can be stolen with a Soul Shield)
  • Earthquake will summon a large Earth ring around Darkness Manifest twice, with the second ring being larger
  • Odious Wind will have him summon five Wind orbs surrounding him, and he will slam them directly on the floor (this can be stolen with a Soul Shield)
  • Whirlwind will summon three powerful Wind tornadoes that will spin around and outward from Darkness Manifest

Pay attention to Darkness Manifest’s four hands during the fight — each one is colored to represent one of his four elements. When he is ready to use an elemental spell, the corresponding hand will begin to glow, and he will often announce the element he is about to use. Each element will have one spell that you can steal for an Instant Ability. Take advantage of these spells to get some extra damage on him.

Most of Darkness Manifest’s attacks will leave a small opening for you to counter, so be ready to block and dodge his attacks, then quickly punish him before getting defensive again.

final fantasy origin flame spout

Once you reduce Darkness Manifest’s HP to half or completely deplete his Break Gauge, Soul Burst him to begin Phase 2.

Once this phase begins, Jack will regain the enhancements he previously had during the mission — meaning you will have an infinite Break Gauge and 0 MP cost on Abilities. Darkness Manifest will no longer use his elemental spells during this phase, instead using the power of Chaos to gain new Abilities.

  • His two-hit combo will now consist of him trying to stomp on you, then jump back and briefly levitate to charge at you
  • Condemn consists of him doing a barrage of slashing attacks on you
  • Anguished Shadows will have Darkness Manifest summon large projectiles around him, and shoot them out in all directions
  • Ruin will cause him to release a cloud of Chaos that moves across the floor in a cone in front of him
  • Implacable Darkness will have him shoot many magic projectiles towards you
  • Chaos is unblockable, and will have Darkness Manifest place a large area of Chaos around him, which will quickly erupt for massive damage

During this phase, take advantage of your enhancements and use your most powerful Abilities against Darkness Manifest. As before, he will leave brief openings for you to take advantage of between the attacks. Use everything you’ve learned to take him down.

final fantasy origin condemn

Once the battle is over, you will watch a cutscene. When you regain control of Jack, simply walk forward until you enter the final room — now just sit back and enjoy the ending.

Congratulations! You completed Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin! Once the game is completed, you will unlock the final Job. You will now also have access to the final difficulty; Chaos — this difficulty will allow you to level your Jobs further, and acts as the post-game content for Stranger of Paradise.

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