Bahamut Mode – Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

A new difficulty, Bahamut, can be unlocked with the Trials of the Dragon King DLC. This mode works very much like the Chaos Mode, and it also requires that you complete the main story first. Then, once you complete ‘A Strange Presence’ in Chaos Mode, Bahamut difficulty will be unlocked. However, Bahamut has a few notable differences from the Chaos Mode, and then some additional features on top of that which we will cover in detail below.

It should be noted that Bahamut Mode is the only way to experience the Trials of the Dragon King storyline.

Bahamut Mode has the same Mission structure as Chaos, with the increasing Mission Levels. However, these Missions can now go even higher, with the new maximum Mission Level of 400.

  • Once you’re inside a Bahamut Mission, you will notice that chests will no longer drop equipment. Instead, they will drop Crests from any Job, allowing you to now get them for Jobs other than the ones you’re currently using.
  • Another change within the missions is that boss attacks and Abilities have been reworked in order to make them more difficult. This means you will have to look out for new possible attack patterns — keep in mind that some Abilities will be more deadly than they were previously.

There are two new types of resources you can find in Bahamut Mode: Rat Tails and Dragon Treasures. Both will come from Mission Rewards.

  • Rat Tails are needed to progress through a Job’s Class Tree.
  • Meanwhile, Dragon Treasures are a new form of currency, which can be spent in a new store, called the Exchange Shop.
    • This store allows you to buy Artifact-level gear, and the store stock changes every day.
    • You will also need Treasures to progress through the story of the Trials of the Dragon King.

The Main Menu will now have a new ‘Bahamut’ tab. Here, you will find an option called ‘Trials of the Dragon King.’ This will open up a menu, allowing you to make Missions more difficult in various ways. Examples of this include increasing the MP cost of you Command Ability, and reducing the amount of Potions that get replenished.

ff origin bahamut's trials

The reward for taking on these Trials is gaining more Dragon Treasures. Each Trial option will increase the Rate of Treasure gain, for a maximum of x29 applied to the amount you would normally get. To get it, you will need to set every Trial to max to make things as difficult as possible.

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