Memory Mementos Guide – Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

Memory Mementos are special hidden items you can discover during the Missions in Stranger of Paradise. They take the form of purple orbs (similar to the ones that give you loot, but these are a darker purple), and when you pick them up you will get a line of dialogue from a former Stranger who has fallen. More importantly, when you pick one up, you will unlock a new Side Mission.

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You should check out our Mission Walkthroughs if you would like a hand in finding these and other secrets as you go through the levels

It should be noted that once you pick up the Memory Memento, you will not be required to finish the Mission you’re in for the Side Mission to unlock. So, you can pop into a Mission to get your desired Memento along with some loot, and leave immediately after.


Below is a list of the locations for each Memory Memento, and which Mission they unlock:

Memory Memento
Mission Found
Mission Unlocked
Bound by Crimson Memories
Once you reach the first Dark Vent, turn right from where it is, and you will find a hidden ledge. Go down it and run to the end of the cave to find it.
Scarlet Memories: The Savior
Once you reach the Hall of the Brave: Top Floor, continue until you reach a winding set of stairs. Go right from the bottom of them, and jump down the ledge at the dead end. Jump down to the right two more times to find it.
Indigo Memories: The Humiliated
Once you enter the Cave of Dying Light, continue through it until you reach an open area, then jump down the hole on the right side. Once you’re down, take a left at the split and defeat the flower there. Then, jump down, destroy the wall to the right, and you will find it.
Indigo Memories: The Deceived
Once you reach the Path of Destiny, continue until you reach the top of a ramp with a chest. From here, jump down to the left, and go down this path until you find it.
Azure Memories: The Stymied
Once you reach the Aspirant’s Hallway, go across the room and enter the room straight ahead. From here, you will have to jump down a ledge three times, with a moving wall you have to destroy on each floor. Once you reach the bottom, turn left on the split to find it.
Coral Memories: The Greedy
Make your way to the Cube just before the large cannon. Once you’re in this room, continue forward and across the bridge, and you will find it behind a large rock.
Indigo Memories: The Stabbed
Go into the Path of the Forlorn (the first area to the left of the starting Cube) and make your way up a bridge. Turn right and cross another bridge, and you will be in an area with multiple holes you can jump down. Jump down the first hole on the right side of the room to find it.
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