Chaos Mode – Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

Once you complete the main story in Stranger of Paradise, you will unlock the last difficulty — Chaos. You will know if you have activated it: when switching to Chaos Mode within the World Map interface, the entire map will shift from blue to red. While this is the hardest difficulty in the base game, it also acts as the post-game content, as there are a few things different about playing in this mode compared to the story.

Every Mission that you have unlocked will be available in Chaos Mode. Unlike the normal difficulties, though, there is not a single set Mission Level for them. Instead, they will start at a certain level (depending on the mission), and will have a scaling difficulty, in increments of 10. Every mission will have a maximum Mission Level of 300.

While every Mission will be available in the Chaos Mode, initially every one of them except for ‘Illusion at Journey’s End,’ Lv. 130 will be locked. In order to unlock them, you will need to acquire and spend Anima Crystals. Anima Crystals essentially replace the Anima Shards you find in the other difficulty modes.

The Crystals grant more EXP to a Job when used in a Job Tree, however, you will need to spend Anima Crystals to unlock new Mission Levels for each Mission, so it is recommended you use them for unlocking Missions instead of leveling your Jobs.

final fantasy origin chaos missions

Something important to keep in mind — if you unlock a higher Mission Level before unlocking the ones under it (for example, unlocking the Lv. 210 version of a Mission before unlocking Lv. 200), all mission levels below it will unlock as well. Additionally, if you beat this higher-level version without beating the lower levels, you will gain the First-Time Rewards for every level below the one you just completed.

In Chaos Mode, you will also unlock the ability to raise the level cap of your Jobs. To accomplish this, you will need to gain three special rewards for each Job, called ‘Limit Releases’ (for example, ‘Limit Release: Dragoon’). They will all be in their dedicated Mission and Mission Levels as a first-time reward, and increase the cap to 55, 80, and finally 99.

Leveling your Jobs past 30 will grant you access to Master Points. These points give you a wide variety of passive bonuses to your Job, and are completely customizable — the points never get locked in permanently. Find where the Limit Releases for your favorite Jobs are, and start building up your Average Equipment Level to be able to unlock them.

The final additional thing you will find in the Chaos Mode is the Artifact gear. This new rarity of gear will grant Affinity Bonuses to two different Jobs at once, in contrast to the normal rarities. Artifact gear will start dropping in the Chaos Mode along with every other piece of gear, so be on the lookout for it.

final fantasy origin artifact weapon

With the combination of Limit Releases, equipment item level going up to 300, and the unique Artifact gear, Chaos Mode is how you will be able to truly maximize your character in Final Fantasy Origin.

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