Strangers of Paradise Walkthrough – Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

Welcome back, Warrior! Thank you for joining us in our continued coverage of the Stranger of Paradise Main Missions. For this guide, will be covering the aptly named Mission ‘Strangers of Paradise,’ which will see you back in Cornelia. There are no secrets in this one, but we will still share a couple of tips to help you get through the Mission.

Let’s get started!

After completing ‘The Suffering of Fools,’ you will only be able to go to Cornelia. When you’re ready, enter it to begin the Mission.

You will have to get to the other side of the town and reach the castle, but there will be a few battles and several enemies blocking the way.

  • The first battle will be against a Hill Gigas, two Tormented Souls, and two Roundworms
  • Once you reach the fountain, there will be a Hill Gigas in the center, and a mix of Tormented Souls, Roundworms, and Flan Princesses spread around it
  • When you get to the other side of the fountain, there will be a Hill Gigas and three Tormented Souls in your way

You do not have to fight every enemy to continue. Pick the battles you want and then make it to the castle, located on the other side, and a cutscene will trigger.

Once you regain control, your allies will no longer be with you. This will make the battles going forward more dangerous, as there will be no one to help distract enemies from you. There will be a Cube next to you, and you will once again have to reach the other side of Cornelia, with various enemies standing in your way.

  • The first battle will be against an Ahriman, a Mindflayer, and two Roundworms
  • Just before the fountain, you will find two Roundworms and five Flan Princesses
  • Around the fountain, there will be Mindflayers, Ahrimen, and Hill Gigases
final fantasy origin cornelia alone

Just like before, you do not have to fight everything to progress. As you approach the Cube on the other side, a cutscene will trigger. Afterwards, use the Cube, and run to the end to trigger another cutscene.

You will then be forced into a battle with an Ahriman, a Hill Gigas, a Mindflayer, and three Tormented Souls. After the battle, there will be a cutscene, and then you will be put into the last battle for the Mission.

No matter what happens during this fight, you cannot take any damage. As you’re fighting your former allies, there will be some dialogue to listen to. There’s no way to see their remaining HPs, so just keep attacking them however you want — eventually you will be able to Soul Burst them one by one.

final fantasy origin ally attacks

Once all four of them are defeated, the battle and the Mission will be over.

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