Memories of Water Walkthrough – Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

Welcome back, Warrior! Thank you for joining us as we continue to cover the Stranger of Paradise’s Main Missions! For this guide, we will cover ‘Memories of Water,’ which brings you to an area inspired by the location of Final Fantasy VII’s first mission. Of course, we will be pointing out the Mission’s secrets, and providing tips for the boss.

Let’s mosey!

When you’re ready to begin the Mission, go to the Sunken Shrine to start ‘Memories of Water.’

There are two types of destructible objects to keep an eye on throughout this level:

  • There will be Red Barrels hanging on various walls. When you hit a Red Barrel, it will explode for Fire damage after a short delay
  • You will see Electrical Containers inside several rooms (including the boss room). Attacking these will cause an explosion of Lightning damage after a short delay

Go forward (ignoring the immediate branch-off to the left) until you reach a split. At the split, you can turn right to activate the next Cube, then take the left path to continue.

At the end of this path, you will notice a Generator next to a locked door — when these Generators get destroyed, they will open a nearby locked door. Grab the chest to the right, then destroy the Generator to open the door and continue forward.

In the next room, you will see a Dark Vent that will spawn a Sea Devil. Take care of it to reveal another Generator, then turn around and turn left to go through the newly opened door. In the next room, immediately turn left to find a chest. Then, turn around and you will quickly find a three-way split. Open the door to the right to create a shortcut to the Cube, then turn around and continue forward until you see Red Barrels to your left. Make these Red Barrels explode to break the door next to them, then destroy the Generator you will find inside.

final fantasy origin explosive barrels

Turn around and go to the newly opened door on the left to find a chest, then turn around and turn left when you reach the three-way split. After going down a ladder, turn left and run behind the pillar to find a chest, then go down the second ladder. Run to the end of this room to find another Generator to destroy, then go back towards the ladder to find the door that was opened and find a Cube.

When you reach a split, take the path on the right and climb the ladder down to find a chest. Climb back up, and now turn right to continue.

  • In the next room you will find a Sahagin Prince — this is essentially a larger and tougher version of the Sea Devil.
  • Be mindful of the Sea Devils that will come out during this fight.
  • Defeat it, and it will drop a White Key Card. Use this card to open the door next to where you entered to continue forward.

Shortly after climbing a ladder, you will find a split. Take the left path to find two chests. Touch the panel near one of the chests to create a shortcut to a Cube.

You can now open the door next to this previous Cube. Open it and climb the ladder, and you will find the Lufenian Log 16_1866. You will also find another panel that will create a shortcut to the second Cube on this level (remember this for later). For now, turn around and make your way back to where the two chests were, and continue forward.

final fantasy origin lufenian log 16 1866

At the end of this path, you will find a Malboro Menace. Defeat it to receive the Black Key Card.

If you want to get two more chests, head all the way back to the beginning of the level (use the shortcuts you recently opened). When there, open the door near the first Cube to grab them. Also, on the way to the first Cube you will find a door to your left that you can now open for yet another chest (making it 3 total from this trip).

Head back to where you got the Black Key Card and open the locked door. Then, climb the ladder down in the center of the next room. Be careful of the Electrical Container in the center — since it’s in the middle of a body of water, it will make a huge electrical field when it explodes. Climb the ladder on the opposite side to find the Lufenian Log 17_1640, then climb up the next ladder to find a chest. Open the door next to the chest, then turn right to continue.

final fantasy origin lufenian log 17 1640

Climb the ladder to the left, and at the end of the path you will find a chest, as well as a panel to open a shortcut to a previous Cube (note that a Tonberry will be blocking that path). Afterwards, turn around and climb the ladder back down. Then, continue forward down the path. Once you go down two sets of stairs, grab the chest to the right, then turn around and continue forward until you reach a Cube. When you’re ready, continue forward to fight the Mission’s boss.

The Fiend of Water, Kraken is a mostly physical fighter that has many attacks with long range.

  • He can use a combination of up to five sweeping and smashing attacks delivered towards you with his hands
  • Spinning Blast will have him spin around, hitting anyone around him with his tentacles, up to two times
  • Squish is an unblockable attack where he will try to crush you with his hands
  • Resentful Embrace is another unblockable attack, where Kraken will attempt to grab you. If successful, he will steal any buffs that you have
  • Tentacle Crush is his third unblockable attack, where he will dive towards you, covering a great distance and damaging anyone he touches
  • Rush will cause him to quickly crawl across the level, damaging anyone he hits
  • He will usually follow up Rush with Water Laser, an attack that will have him shoot a water beam in an arc in front of him
  • Inky Envy will have Kraken shoot many balls of ink in front of him, which will lower your defenses if hit (this Ability can be stolen with a Soul Shield)

Soul Shield could be a bit risky to use on his normal combo, since it can deal quite a few hits. Be ready to Evade or swap your Battle Set so that you don’t get broken. Kraken is weak to Lightning damage, so take advantage of this if possible. Also, steal his Inky Envy and shoot it back at him to reduce his defenses.

You will notice four Electrical Containers around the arena. These work a little bit differently than the ones you’ve seen throughout the level — when they explode, they will create a ring of electricity around the outer edge of the arena. Kraken will be staggered if caught in this field. However, don’t use all four of them during the first phase, if possible. Also, keep in mind that he can make these containers detonate as well, if he’s close enough to them.

final fantasy origin rush

Once you bring his HP down to half or completely deplete his Soul Gauge, Soul Burst him to rip the tentacles off of his back and begin Phase 2.

Kraken will become more aggressive in his attacks during this phase. He will retain most of his attacks from the first phase, and will have access to some new ones:

  • Nova Splash is an enhanced version of Spinning Blast. While spinning, Kraken will now also shoot many small Water projectiles in all directions
  • When using Rush, he will now follow up with Tsunami instead of Water Laser. He will first dive under water and swim around the arena, and then he will jump and slam onto the surface, creating a large Water field around him — this attack is unblockable
    • When emerging from the water, he will also enhance himself with Water, causing his attacks to deal extra Water damage

The same strategy you used during Phase 1 will work during this phase. Something important to know is that you can interrupt his Tsunami attack before it goes off. If you cause an electrical container to explode while he’s underwater, it will force him to come back to the surface without doing the attack, and he will be temporarily stunned. If Tsunami does go off, however, make sure you’re far away from where he lands. Then, stagger him to remove the Water enhancement he gains.

final fantasy origin tsunami interruption
Preventing Tsunami from going off

After the battle, you will be back at the Flying Fortress. Interact with the panel to complete the Mission.

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