Beginner’s Guide to Combat – Stranger of Paradise: FFO

While traveling in the world of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, you’re going to encounter many challenging enemies, so you will want to learn how to fight them. In this guide we will explain various combat mechanics present in the game, as well as touch on the controls behind them.

While Basic Attacks can be used freely, Action Abilities will require MP to use (1 bar for each use).

Depending on your chosen weapon type, you can have other types of Basic Attacks:

  • Using weapons like Greatswords and Knuckles will allow you to hold playstation r1 button to deliver a powerful attack
  • Using Lances let you use different attack types depending on the direction pressed while attacking (while also targeting the enemy)

Every Job has an Action Ability that is unique to them, and each will come with different effects. This can include casting a spell, a powerful attack, or a guaranteed critical hit.

These are executed by pressing playstation r1 button a certain number of times (or in a determined manner), then pressing playstation r2 button. An example of a Combo Ability input is playstation r1 button>playstation r1 button>playstation r2 button. All Combo Ability inputs initially have the same finisher, but you can unlock more as you progress through the Job Trees. You are able to customize your Combo Abilities within the Battle Settings Menu, and each Battle Set will have their own Combo Ability set.

Combo Abilities learned in a Job Tree can be used with any Job once unlocked, as long as you’re using the corresponding weapon. You can also use your Job’s Action Ability as a Combo Ability.

Additionally, most Combo Abilities will have a ‘Stat Bonus’ associated with them (you will see this when looking at the specific Ability). The higher the associated stat is, the more damage that Ability will do (for example, if a Combo Ability has a Strength Stat Bonus, it will deal more damage the higher your Strength is).

Lastly, there are Command Abilities.

For example, you can execute a Command Ability with hold-playstation l2 button> playstation triangle button. These abilities cost MP and have a cooldown once used. Command Abilities can either be unique attacks, or they can enhance your character in various ways, such as boosting their Attack or allowing them to drain HP/MP from an enemy.

Lightbringer will always be bound to playstation l2 button>playstation circle button, while the other tree face buttons can be freely customized in the Battle Settings menu.

ff origin abilities

Tip: Attacking an enemy from behind is considered a critical hit, which will greatly deplete the enemy’s Break Gauge.

Lightbringer is Jack’s main Command Ability. He knows it from the beginning of the game, and it can never be removed or reassigned.

Lightbringer costs 2 bars of MP (Command Abilities usually cost 1), but it comes with several benefits:

  • It knocks enemies back on activation, and makes you invincible for the duration of the animation
  • It increases your Break damage
  • Your attacks lower the enemy’s max Break Gauge
  • Defeating enemies while Lightbringer is active will automatically trigger a Soul Burst

Once activated, Jack’s Break Gauge bar will turn red and slowly deplete over time, indicating the duration of the effect. It will deplete further as you get hit. Once the red bar fully depletes, Lightbringer will end, and Jack’s Break Gauge will be fully restored. Several Jobs and Affinities can further enhance the Ability, such as increasing its duration and adding additional effects (such as MP Regen) while it’s active.

Lightbringer is a great move to use when surrounded by enemies: the ability knocks them back to give you some breathing room, then makes it easier for you to take them down quickly.

Most attacks in the game have an attribute attached to them.

  • Physical attacks can have the Slash, Pierce, or Strike attributes
  • Magic attacks can be Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Water, Wind, Holy, or Dark

Many enemies will be weak to one or more of these elements — these will deal increased damage to their Break Gauge on hit. Something to keep in mind: if you continuously hit an enemy with the same element (for example, constantly hit them with Fire spells), you can temporarily force them to be weak to that element. Be aware that enemies are capable of doing this to you as well.

While there are a few ways you can avoid taking damage during a fight, the two main methods are Guarding and Evading.

When Guarding, Jack will stand still while blocking with his weapon or shield. Guarding blocks damage taken from most attacks (magic attacks will still take damage, but will be reduced), and reduces Break damage taken. If you guard just before an attack lands, you will be able to Parry, which will temporarily increase your Break Gauge recovery speed.

Some Jobs (such as the Knight) will even be able to enhance your Guard, for example adding a shockwave effect while Guarding. Something to keep in mind: there are attacks that are unblockable (the enemy will gain a red aura when prepping one of these attacks, and the name of the attack will be red).

This will cause Jack to dodge in a chosen direction. If done successfully, this will allow you to completely avoid an attack. While the enemy misses you with their attacks, you will get an advantage to hit them with a counter attack. You can also press playstation x button twice to do an Evasive Roll, which will allow you to cover a greater distance if trying to avoid an enemy.

Every enemy (and Jack) has a Break Gauge, which is indicated by a yellow bar. You can deplete the enemy’s Break Gauge by continuously attacking them, and Break damage can be inflicted by exploiting their weakness or by landing critical hits. Keep in mind that the Break Gauge will slowly refill if not getting attacked (this applies to both enemies and Jack).

If you completely deplete an enemy’s Break Gauge, you can use a Soul Burst to finish them off.

Soul Bursts instantly defeat an enemy, restore your MP, and increase your max MP. Take advantage of this mechanic as much as you can — this not only helps you take care of enemies quicker, but also restores and boosts your MP for use with your Abilities. Soul Bursts also create a shockwave where the enemy is. This shockwave will greatly reduce the Break Gauge of any enemy nearby, and instantly Soul Burst them if their bar completely depletes, causing a Chain Burst.

ff origin break gauge

While fighting, keep an eye on your own Break Gauge: getting hit, as well as some actions (such as Soul Shield) will deplete your gauge, but it will recover over time. Note that while Guarding or Evading, it will recover more slowly.

If your own Break Gauge gets broken, Jack will temporarily become paralyzed, leaving him open for an attack. It will also remove any Instant Ability and buffs he has and reduce his max MP (although it cannot go below his initial max MP). Both of your equipped Jobs have their own gauge, so if you notice that your bar is starting to get low, swap to your other Job while your other bar recovers.

A very important defensive ability in Jack’s arsenal is the Soul Shield.

Soul Shield will let you block any attack (besides the unblockable ones). Blocking attacks with the Soul Shield will both restore and increase your max MP. The amount of MP restored is proportional to the Break damage that was prevented. In addition, it will stagger enemies and allow you to follow up with a counter attack.

If you see an enemy using an ability with a purple name, you can use your Soul Shield to block it and then temporarily steal that ability as an Instant Ability.

Instant Abilities do not cost any MP to use. However, each can only be used a certain number of times before it disappears. You can continue stealing abilities from your enemies using Soul Shield while you still have one available, but you can only hold one Instant Ability at a time. So, any new ability learned will replace your current one.

ff origin soul shield

While the Soul Shield is an incredibly useful tool, you have to be careful when using it. Holding the Soul Shield up will quickly drain your Break Gauge, so if you are not paying attention you can easily get your gauge broken and leave yourself vulnerable to attack.

A few other important things to keep in mind during combat:

  • Wall Splat – If you use an Ability that can knock an enemy back, you can then knock them into a wall, increasing the Break damage they take as a result.
  • Breakfall – If you get knocked down by an attack, you can quickly recover by pressing playstation x button, along with the direction you want to roll. If timed properly, you will be temporarily invulnerable while recovering.
  • Resonance – You can press playstation left button or playstation right button to activate an ally’s Resonance State (you will see which direction activates it for each ally next to their name). Allies in Resonance will become more aggressive with their Abilities. While in this state, the ally’s name will have a depleting purple bar, and once fully depleted, you will see it replaced with a lighter purple bar (this time increasing), indicating the cooldown before it can be activated again.

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