The False Warriors Walkthrough – Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

Welcome back, Warrior! Thank you for joining us for our continued coverage of the Stranger of Paradise Main Missions. For this guide, we will be covering ‘The False Warriors,’ which takes us back to Cornelia. There will be no secrets to point out for this Mission, however, there is still a boss that we will provide tips for.

Let’s get started!

After completing ‘Memories of Water,’ you will not be able to go anywhere except Cornelia. When you’re ready to begin the Mission, click on it to start ‘The False Warriors.’

When you regain control, walk outside to watch a cutscene.

Your goal is to reach the other side of Cornelia — you will have to get into several fights on the way.

  • At first, you will be fighting Sea Devils and Pirates.
  • Just before you reach the fountain, you will fight a Sahagin Prince with three Sea Devils.
  • At the fountain, there will be two Sapphire Coeurls, two Piscodaemons, and two Malboro Menaces, spread around it.

You do not have to fight everything here — fight the enemies you want, and then go to the other side of the fountain to reach a Cube. When you’re ready, continue forward to fight a boss.

final fantasy origin cornelia fountain

This is almost the exact same fight as the one with Bikke back in ‘The Journey Begins.’ There are only a couple of notable differences in this battle:

  • No adds will ever be summoned during the fight
  • The Possessed has a new move, called Exorcising Torrent. This will cause him to slam the ground with his axe and cause a Dark pillar to erupt in front of him

Just as before, Bikke’s attacks are powerful, but slow and easy to read. This fight should be much easier than when you originally fought Bikke: there are no adds to deal with this time, and now you have many more Job options available.

final fantasy origin exorcising torrent

This fight doesn’t have a second phase, so once you fully deplete his HP or Break Gauge, the battle will be over.

Completing the Mission will allow you to freely choose any travel location on the World Map again, and unlock the Side Mission ‘Ebon Memories: The Tragic Cynic.’

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